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Michael Shuster
Michael Shuster
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Basic Information

Member Since
June 22, 2010
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12 minutes ago
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Bridge Pro
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
psyching 1S vs NZ 2nd seat red in world play. Win 16.
Bridge Accomplishments
2nd O/A 1996 Dallas 2-day Swiss. 3 time USA Junior team member.
Regular Bridge Partners
Sam Dinkin, Alex Kolesnik, Andrew Kaufman
Favorite Tournaments
Fall NABC (MPs all the way!)
Favorite Conventions
Roman Jump overcalls. Direct cuebids showing 2 known suits.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
Infernal Machine Light
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Shuster / Kolesnik
Standard American with Relay
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ATB - duplication
Seems clear to me that you should invert 3 and 3 here, so there is a 3 ask and the answers are symmetric.
How do you bid first ?
Bidding poll.
Apologies to partner
On the first one, you should bid 4, since you're going to have play for game whatever partner's minor is I'd rather have LHO guess as a higher level. On the second one, sometimes preempts work.
Alex Kolesnik's bidding problem: AQ7 AQJ652 K4 64
Yes. RHOs push means something. It's like if you hold QQ in NLH. It's a lot less likely you have the best hand after the other guys goes over the top all in.
Alex Kolesnik's bidding problem: AQ7 AQJ652 K4 64
Not double, since I'm willing to hear 6. Now that RHO has a heart void, bidding is even possible. I certainly don't want to discourage partner from bidding. Nor do I want to encourage a club lead. Last round of the auction, I voted for pass, as ...
Bad Judgment or Bad Luck?
2 wasn't cold...
Kickback Konfusion
We generally reverse the relay at 2+ when the positive is 1NT, so that if we wind up in 3NT we are describing the dummy. We do that on the semi-positive track, which is fine. We can't reverse the relay when holding a 5-card major or an unbalanced ...
Kickback Konfusion
Blackwood is generally used in order to avoid a slam off two keys. So over minors, kickback can win by allowing you to stop in 5m. Over hearts the gain is razor thin to have the one extra step (basically it occurs when a 2+ answer is not enough - and ...
Kickback Konfusion
What do you mean by "occasional"? I've had to remove it from so many cards because the occasional accidents happened on the occasions in which bridge was being played.
Kickback Konfusion
Relays can accomplish MUCH more than natural bidding, but they do have their downsides. Here, the relay was both inefficient and incomplete. This particular set-up is difficult for relay, as the J is the key card for slam and you just don't get around to asking about jacks unless ...

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