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Michael Rosenberg
Michael Rosenberg
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Basic Information

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Dec. 25, 2010
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8 hours ago
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Bridge Pro
about me

I am a full time professional player, and have been so since 2004 (before that, I was semi-professional). I play in all the Nationals, a few Regionals, and do a little online teaching. My wife Debbie is also a full-time professional. We have a son, Kevin. I have two daughters, Ivana and Jahna, from a previous marriage

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the 1994 Rosenblum
Bridge Accomplishments
Winner of Rosenblum, 1998 Par Contest, 5 US Trials, Spingold(2), Vanderbilt(2), Reisinger(2), More
Regular Bridge Partners
Zia Mahmood, Debbie Rosenberg, Chris Willenken
Favorite Tournaments
World Championship(any), US Trials
Favorite Conventions
KeyCard Blackwood, Transfers, Jacoby 2N
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Grand Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Some rulings questions
If you could have a lot less than the actual hand for '2-majors', how about 3 as a 'return game try'?
UI or not?
Craig Z: "Therefore, there can be no valid reason to XX "for business." As expressed as a generality, I disagree. A business redouble could stop a partner who was about to run to a different contract from doing so. So you keep your top instead of getting a zero or ...
Director ruling
David C: And do you think the probablity of 4-card is less or more with all the UI? I'm not necessarily disagreeing with your plan. If you believe it's clear to bid a slam and are willing to accept the adjustment (which is likely) then ok. But ...
Director ruling
If you wanted to investigate grand, it's far from clear you'd want to take up a whole round of bidding and severely limit the room to investigate. This doesn't even address the issue that a jump to 5 might well be, rightly or wrongly, interpreted as ...
Point of No Return
Happily, Max is special. Sadly, Max is special.
Going for the Overtrick at Matchpoints
PLEASE don't try to 'adjust' the DD simulation results. That is lendiung them a credence that they do not deserve. DD looks at all 52 cards and makes the best play. Single dummy, we look at fewer cards - it's totally different. It's true that, the further into ...
Director ruling
Placing partner with 8 red cards seems a tad against the odds....
Director ruling
Paul H: "We can't have been making a grand slam try at this point since our diamond suit is broken". Not true. 4 was the first ST in the auction - grand is still possible. I'm not saying yoiur ruling is incorrect.
Director ruling
John L: "With screens, would simply "explaining" 4s as "slam force" work?" Probably not. That would not be an agreement anyone would have. If what you mean is South writing 'always bidding at least a small slam', Directors have told me this is unenforceable on the player, so carries no ...
Going for the Overtrick at Matchpoints
"Of course, this says little about how many pairs would actually reach 3NT vs. 4 in the real world," It says even less about how the play would actually go in 3N or 4 in the real world. From the 1st card on.

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