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Michael Rosenberg
Michael Rosenberg
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Dec. 25, 2010
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Bridge Pro
about me

I am a full time professional player, and have been so since 2004 (before that, I was semi-professional). I play in all the Nationals, a few Regionals, and do a little online teaching. My wife Debbie is also a full-time professional. We have a son, Kevin. I have two daughters, Ivana and Jahna, from a previous marriage

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the 1994 Rosenblum
Bridge Accomplishments
Winner of Rosenblum, 1998 Par Contest, 5 US Trials, Spingold(2), Vanderbilt(2), Reisinger(2), More
Regular Bridge Partners
Zia Mahmood, Debbie Rosenberg, Chris Willenken
Favorite Tournaments
World Championship(any), US Trials
Favorite Conventions
KeyCard Blackwood, Transfers, Jacoby 2N
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Grand Life Master
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Am I rationalizing?
So partner, with 4-4-2-3 and 6 HCP is supposed to bid 3 over the double? I'm not sure all partners know that. Btw, if he does, what happens when opener is 4-3-4-2 with 18 HCP?
Am I rationalizing?
The important point here is not whether this hand is entitled to bid. Even if this hand is regarded as clearcut, there will always be others that are not so regarded. The important thing is that North not do this. Presuming double of 3 is played 'sensibly' (inv(+) values ...
A difficult play problem
I don't think we 'know' East has k with the same certainty that we know he started with a doubleton club...
Nickell-Berg Board 26
Was my first thought...
Another "What is this double"?
Please link to a hand where a top echelon player stifled him/herself with pass.
A difficult play problem
"Ruffing diamonds gains when West has Qxx and spades are 3-2." How about Qx? "If West shows out on the second spade, you should have tried to ruff diamonds." Huh? I just woke up. but this seems backward to me. Didn't you only want to ruff if trumps ...
WBF Response on Fantoni Eligibility
I believe one of the most under-rated things of importance in this world is crediting the source.
WBF Response on Fantoni Eligibility
David T: I would 'like' your comment - but you need to credit Mel Brooks...
Another "What is this double"?
Dave: The first pass over an opposing double could certainly have more than 5 HCP. Responder might have a planned auction with (say) Qx, xx, Kxxx, Kxxxx waiting to double 2 for TO - rayher than making some silly bid the first time. My example might not be the perfect ...
Another "What is this double"?
I can imagine wanting to separate a competitive 3S bid and an invitational 3S bid as "sensible". In fact, that's how I prefer to play it. I agree it's not standard. But I believe it's percentage bridge.

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