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Michael Roche
Michael Roche
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March 30, 2011
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Bridge Player
about me

2 NABC wins in Mixed BAM. Happy to add LM pairs in Atlanta

5 Canadian Team Championships wins



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Mike Hargreaves John Rayner Daniel Lyder Karen Cumpstone. I guess I have to add John Carruthers now was well :)
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Emerald Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Information about Orlando World Bridge Series
I know you’re asking for a friend, because there’s no way you’ll lose in the round of 32.
Regular vugraph experience
On my BBO there is an option to "Turn chat off". I believe that you can also define a commentator as an "enemy" which means you will never see their commentary.
Club UI problem
I wrote in haste, but I don’t think it’s right for one’s partner to try to level the playing field. If the opps misbehave it’s up to the directors to resolve. Suppose for a minute that the “fast pass” was a violation and suggested minimal values ...
Club UI problem
Seriously?Your partner studied his hand for roughly 10 seconds with a balanced 7 count? The fact the opponent didn’t wait doesn’t give him the right to coffee house. You offered to call the director? Hah! I beat you to it. You have a legitimate case that opps ...
The Next Step
Frances is correct. We are not referring to discards (legal) but when following suit to partner’s lead. On partner’s Ace lead, all of 3579 are encouraging. 2468 and 10 are discouraging with implied suit preference. Assume you hold three small cards...the 3 5 and 7. You wish ...
Is this restricted choice? (WBF junior finals, board 11)
I think most defenders holding Q98 would play the Q on the second round of the suit. Does that change the odds? No, but it gives declarer something to think about.
World Youth Team Championships August 8-18 2018
There might be a technology we can borrow from televised poker. They have “pocket cams” that are used to show the audience their hole cards. With a little adaptation it would be simple get a play record. I’m also thinking about the grocery checkout scanners - more or less the ...
The Next Step
John G: Avon and Marshall's comments, I believe, are not about o/e discards which are themselves a problem. I have found that especially in Europe many players follow suit with an odd or even card to encourage or discourage the particular suit which has been lead. When they ...
World Youth Team Championships August 8-18 2018
Yes. Michaels
HAL, Watson, Deep Blue and ?
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