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Michael Ranis
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Dec. 13, 2010
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Dec. 8
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Mitchell Open BAM Teammates?
we are all set then--great!
Mitchell Open BAM Teammates?
Hi again Mat, we would be delighted to join you guys; it will be a busy week for us and playing six-handed will give us a bit of a rest...please confirm that we are set. Thanks!
Mitchell Open BAM Teammates?
THanks Mat--will discuss with Freerk tonight and let you know
Mitchell Open BAM Teammates?
Hi Mat, I am playing with Freerk Polling. We are looking for teammates and it would be great if we can play. Let me know here or via email
Opponents overcall our strong 2!c opening - bidding theory question
At one of the nationals some years ago, a situation was discussed by everyone in that LM pairs. Those that doubled did much better than those that passed (nothing to say). 2C bidder had a huge hand but could not make 3nt (some were in 4nt after more bidding by ...
Retired Justice John Paul Stevens, Associate Justice, SCOTUS
My acquaintance with this gentle giant goes back to the years I was a student at the University of Chicago (1975-1980). He sometimes played at the International House club. He exuded calmness, intelligence, and the kind of niceness that seems to have vanished from the face of this country. I ...
Michael Ranis's bidding problem: KJ86 --- AJ9862 AK7
Partner's hand was AQx AJ9x x Qxxxx...the 2h bidder had x KQxxxx KT and Jxxx...the diamond slam rolled when a heart was led and the miraculous diamond holding allowed only one diamond loser...our VERY BAD auction was 1c (2h) x (p) 2NT me 3H partner 3NT ...
Michael Ranis's bidding problem: KJ86 --- AJ9862 AK7
Thanks Bruce and Richard; I hope to get more votes in before I show you what Roth would have called the "at the table" cards..
Michael Ranis's bidding problem: AQ9732 AT963 --- T8
Thanks Bruce; My intermediates are a bit anemic for a 2s bid i thought..would rather have AQT9xx AJTxx to avoid a disaster...vul at mps
Partner / Teammate Needed for Vegas
Hello Allan, Please send me an email to if interested. I am available for most days. I played with Brian Callaghan when I lived in London (2006-2010) and won the Sunday Swiss Pairs. I also played with him in the Premier League one year (we finished a ...

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