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Michael Johnstone
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Oct. 15, 2013
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Mediator and bridge enthusiast for as long as I can remember

New Zealand

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Beat A HOFer
Sorry, I meant 1 was a underbid. It should show 0-8 points in Hearts and on a bad day could be a 3 card suit. I have edited my reply above.
Beat A HOFer
1 from N is a complete underbid. With 7 losers game is very likely in 3 suits. I would bid 2 and at least invite game.
Systems on?
No we haven't but the basic principle is that partner has opened 1NT and there has been an overcall so we would not vary our approach simply because the overcall was an insufficient bid.
Systems on?
We would play it as natural. Partner has opened 1NT and there has been an overcall. So our system over overcalls is on, despite the insufficient bid.
weak 2 bid respones
I like that but could you improve if by using 3M as 'I'm sorry I opened' and drop the other responses down one so 3 = Medium strength with a short suit somewhere then 3 asks for it.
How would you rule?
If responder's system is that 2 is a transfer to Spades, then I would expect that 3 would be a super-accept with a Heart suit. Over 4 a 4 bid would be accepting the offer to play in Hearts but as responder doesn't have ...
Road to the GNT Final Four, R8 Q4
I really like the idea of separating splinters and voids. However, how do you handle splinters via Jacoby?
Using Precision but with 2C = 16 points
One of the advantages of Precision is that, as strong hands start at 1 there is more room to explore for game/slam and, sometimes stop low as well.
Seating Seeding in clubs
In our Club, the top 6 in any competition start with each other and then all players (other than those with seating/moving rights) toss and the winner of the toss sit NS. Reasonably simple and generally mixes the field up.
Is an alert required?
If I were EW, I would have expected that the 3 bid should show at least three clubs. A 2 bid would describe the hand better.

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