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Michael Johnstone
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Oct. 15, 2013
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Mediator and bridge enthusiast for as long as I can remember

New Zealand

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Questions regarding a Two-way Multi
In a strong club context you should use 2 to show short Diamonds.
Bidding after new suit by opener.
By bidding 2NT partner has denied 3 Hearts so 3 shows 6+ but I think 3 might be better here - showing 3 card support.
Bidding after new suit by opener.
2 is 4th suit forcing and this will will allow North to rebid Diamonds, show 3 card Heart support, bid 3 with a 4153 hand or rebid NT. If you instead jump to 3 you can find out about 2+ Heart support but probably lose the chance ...
Liam Milne's bidding problem: 6 K7 AQJT63 A654
Bid 2NT Lebensohl and then jump to show slam interest (better than game force.)
Second Stayman
What Richard calls "Extended Stayman" we call "Flint".
What's this double (#206)
If the bidding had gone 1-(2)-2-(3) then X would be a maximal double and 3 a competitive bid. So we would play this as a maximal double.
Book on Acol
I like Language of bidding (Acol Edition) by Nick Hughes and Paul Marston. Paul has a very clear style of writing which is easily understood. We give our learners the House of Cards Bridge book ( which covers Acol with weak twos (including 2 Diamonds)
Bidding over a precision 2!C
We have agreed to play 3 = Diamonds and Hearts 3 = Hearts and Spades 3 = Spades and Diamonds
2 diamond bid weak
I could well imagine that in my Precision partnership that we could have the same bidding. After an 11-15 Diamond opening I might only want to bid 2 not wanting to force to game but happy to bid again. After the second double, the redouble would show maximum hand ...
Optimum contract at Swiss teams
The problem with the 3 card raise is that opener is now going to reevaluate their hand based on the 9+ card fit. We play that the only time partner can do that is when partner is going to take over control of the bidding - ie it sets trumps and ...

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