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Michael Hargreaves
Michael Hargreaves
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Sept. 5, 2013
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about me

Canadian player living in Victoria, B.C. Back playing after 4+ years not playing. 3 time Canadian Open Team champion.


As declarer, have gone down 12 undoubled tricks in a slam, and 10 undoubled at the 4-level: clearly i could have either bid or played the hands differently.


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Favorite Bridge Memory
The first time we won the Canadian team a 4 player team....profoundly tired....and then the feeling that spread thru my body after we finished comparing scores on the last segment.
Bridge Accomplishments
3 canadian team championship titles
Regular Bridge Partners
michael roche
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Favorite Tournaments
used to be the CNTC event.
Favorite Conventions
2/1 with relay, but nobody plays it:)
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Invitational Minor Suit Hands Opposite Notrump Opener
Beware of double-dummy simulations on this sort of thing. The defence often hinges on the opening lead, and the double-dummy simulation never gets that wrong. I would expect the real life chances, with KQ10xxx and a side Queen (which would be in spades, of course), opposite my posited hand, to ...
Invitational Minor Suit Hands Opposite Notrump Opener
I found the 'math' weird, to the point of being counter-intuitive. I also think that using a sequence where a narrowly constrained opener 'should' accept a descriptive invitational call 1/6th of the time is a waste of system and a flawed design. Rather than worry about specific holdings (say ...
Plan the play in 6!h
I think that against strong opps there is a slight inference that RHO has the club King. With the diamond Ace and the club King, on the very revealing auction there much to be said for a club lead, which can hardly cause an issue for partner with the revealing ...
Cuebid or natural?
What else can he bid with a good raise to 3D? 3H? Ooops...can't get back to 3D now. Maybe double 'should' be a good raise, since it is tough to imagine being able to double for penalty yet have passed over 1C, but I don't think this ...
Opening 1 NT point range on convention card
If, on being asked, the player, or his partner, said words to the effect of: this hand is worth 12 hcp, so of course we open 1N, then they have an agreement contrary to their announcements, imo, and the CC should be amended accordingly. 11+-14 seems adequate. If, on ...
What's your plan for bidding this hand?
I'm with Marty and David: I will open 1D and rebid 2C. As Al Roth used to say, when suggesting actions like this, 'if I get by this round...' To me, opening 1N with this aceless, spotless (in the worst way) hand is asking to play in 2S opposite ...
Which Card?
I guess it depends on what one expects from partner. I am accustomed to partner helping out as much as possible. Here, partner knows, by the time he has to make a pitch, that I hold the club K (while technically declarer might have AKxx, in real life he won ...
The weak jump shift response - a contrarian view
Back when I played wjs, in Canada, the range was usually 3-6 or 4-7, so I don't see this as contrarian. I no longer play wjs and don't miss them at all. I have what I think are better uses for 2M in response to 1m, and have ...
ATB oversave
N-S were using different micrometers to measure their bids: with one of the two usual results ensuing. If South expects N to play him for a pure preempt, 3D is wrong. If North expects South to mix it up, 6D is wrong. Since I don't know what either partner ...
How many options would you consider?
I'm with Phil here, in terms of valuation. Yes, it's a very good 10 count, but in my partnerships we open most 11 counts, and in no universe in which I play does RHO's 3C bid mean that partner has no wasted club cards. I would not ...
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