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Sept. 1, 2015
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about me

Website developer at the EBU. I used to be a fairly serious player and had a couple of successes, but I don't play very much any more.


@mzxclark on Twitter. Also follow @poorbridge if you want old-but-still-funny horoscopes.

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I think they should consider playing these events online, with the teams playing at some home venue together and a trusted moderator babysitting them so they can't get up to anything fishy. If, say, you were to run the European Championship this way then the England teams could meet ...
System notes
"They are not likely to fully understand what they can't remember." I think that's a little presumptuous. I've been playing in a league using a convention card that a friend gave us. I fully understand everything on it, but can I necessarily remember it all? Usually, yes ...
EBU regulations for online bridge
That is the advanced one. The basic ones are the ones you can use to fill out half-tables in clubs, and don't play in these EBU games.
EBU regulations for online bridge
No, it doesn't belong to a county. However, it is only one year old so it is eligible for the junior squads.
EBU regulations for online bridge
A little over 56% at the moment. It's actually dropped a few percent over the last week. Perhaps a bit tired after playing 3000 sessions of bridge in April - around 35,000 boards. It's almost guaranteed to win the prize for most master points during the year. Sorry ...
The Conduct of BBO
The Lockdown League issues master points, but it's not graded for NGS since they're essentially private matches. It's run with the EBU's own league software, so BBO doesn't have to do any work to process master points. It's been a great success, too. 12 ...
Over My Shoulder – 2 videos: Chris Willenken, and Adam Wildavsky
My nitpick would be that I don't think you need the spectators. Shireen and Andy make sense as the hosts, but the others mostly seem to just sit there in silence, and it's a bit weird. Or they forget to mute their microphones, and become a distraction. If ...
Exploratory Data Analysis of Chicago Club Attendance
The EBU grades individuals, whereas Richard's looking at partnerships. I can believe that people mix between clubs a whole lot more than partnerships do. Worth pointing out that diffusion isn't a binary "this will work / this won't work" situation. If the diffusion in the ACBL is worse ...
Exploratory Data Analysis of Chicago Club Attendance
Are there really only 19 games per week in Chicago?
Bridge Rating Study - Follow Up
That's at the tournament level. We don't grade individual boards. We keep this data for all sessions played, so that we can display a nice green plus or a nasty red minus next to a player's results to show whether they did better or worse than expected ...
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