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Michael Bodell
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July 29, 2010
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Project Manager of Silicon Valley Youth Bridge (SiVY)

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Real success in limited national events (1st NAP C, 2nd 0-1500 LM Pairs, 3/4 GNT B, 4th 0-5000 Blue Ribbons) and limited success in real national events (11th national 2-day swiss, 22nd mixed swiss, 22nd 3-day swiss, 26th fast pairs, and other low overalls)
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1z rebid by opener after 1y response by passed hand.
In addition, forcing or not is not the same as 17 or less versus 18+. You can play that a 1 rebid could be a 18,19, or 20 hcp hand and still have it be non-forcing. Especially when people reply lightly. This both covers people who might bid ...
Video footage of kids playing bridge?
The SiVY past events are at: Nearly all the events have photo galleries from the events. A few of those photo galleries include video, such as the 3 at the end of
Crowd-Sourcing the ACBL's February 2020 It's Your Call contest
Things like which have the algorithm and implementation and are a form of "publishing" said "The Impossible Bridge Book". I've heard of people trying similar things for some music phrases and/or word phrases where what you have is a deterministic permutation of ...
Crowd-Sourcing the ACBL's February 2020 It's Your Call contest
There are bridge "books" that contain every possible hand published (with algorithms to know the mapping of the page the hand is found on - and able to be experienced in a tangible form with the help of a machine through web pages and APIs). It is hard to know how ...
Ethics, gamesmanship and the law
I have seen people "speed up the play" by losing the trick first even if they don't need to (I.e., by leading the Q or 9 in the first trick of the trump suit). So I think there is a fair bit of context to the whole situation ...
Ethics, gamesmanship and the law
There are holes to the keep playing all your cards. In addition to the possible falling offside of the rule against unnecessarily playing out your hand, what if the opponents concede all the tricks (especially if they do so by abandoning the hand by putting their hands away)? Again, it ...
Ethics, gamesmanship and the law
Also, there is a law against "prolonging play unnecessarily (as in playing on although he knows that all the tricks are surely his)" (74 B 4). Playing the hearts when you know you have all the tricks might fall a foul of that law. Technically that law finishes "prolonging play ...
Crowd-Sourcing the ACBL's February 2020 It's Your Call contest
I think it is useful and interesting to compare the BW community to the acbl/bridge world and to also encourage discussion here; however, I do think it would be preferable to not post these here until the submission deadlines for these other places. I.e., after the fact.
The Missing
The first round spade finesse and the club finesse gives 13 tricks, 5+5+2+1.
ACBL and psyching 1N. Again?
Right, it is either transfer or alert not both. And if it is quite unexpected, then say alert. If it is minorly unexpected, including very rarely being something else, you still transfer and then alert the surprise. For instance, I play with some partners that with both majors we transfer ...

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