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March 20, 2016
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Quick question about alerts.
Anything pre-emotive is not alertable.
The meaning of a balancing double over a NT overcall of 1C.
Patrick, if only you could stop saying "Over here" every time you comment. Who are Mr Over and Mrs Here?
Your Ruling Please
re Chris Miller: Doesn't paragraph 2 of law 25A contradict paragraph 1? More specifically, the last sentence of para 2: "A change of call may be allowed ... but not because of loss of concentration". Yet, read and interpret the first line of para 1. If paragraph 2 is intended ...
A few 2/1=FG style questions
David Burn: Rubensish?...
A Third Bidding Approach
In my terminology, Romex is a two-segment system where the cut-off point is at 18 HCP. The artificial and forcing 1NT starts at 18. The third segment is 22+. That is outside the range I was looking at. It is the interval 10 to 21 that I wished to see ...
A Third Bidding Approach
Thank you for your feedback. I just happen to prefer the "intermediate 2M openings" to weak twos. Note that in my system, with a minimum opening hand with a 5-card major xxxxx, one does not have to open 2M. Instead, open 1M pretending to have a 4-card major. At any ...
A Third Bidding Approach
The list given by Jan Larsson is quite long, but I'll definitely read about Sandgroper asap. Thanks for the link.
A Third Bidding Approach
Very close to my system, except with the roles of 1C and 1D interchanged. That's what I would do in my system if I were to open 1M with a 5-card major instead of 2M. The boundaries you give are old-fashioned. Clearly today's version of Mindner Karo would ...
A Third Bidding Approach
I knew someone would say that... I "liked" your post.
A Third Bidding Approach
First point: Yes I am focusing my analysis on one level opening bids and observing that they cover too large an interval. Nothing wrong with that. Second point: Most systems have opening bids that show two or three bands. Hence the ambiguity about opener's hand and the attempt to ...

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