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March 20, 2016
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You be the commentator
The first thing commentator could say: "I would ruff the heart lead since declarer doesn't know yet whether to discard a club or a diamond from hand." Second comment: Don't ask about their leads, it won't tell you anything. Just gauge your opponents... what's their caliber ...
Do different kinds of values influence preference of playing in trumps or notrump?
Good question. No good answer.
Perfect GSF Hand
Good point DB. But... 5 (Josephine) might fetch a Pass when opener holds only one top honor... in which case responder wants to be in 6. This isn't a good example of "an ideal GSF" after all! Nor of Josephine. This East hand, beautiful as it is, cannot ...
Responder's new suit after opener rebids suit
Yeah, I know that was what Kryptic Kit was alluding to. I would pass with 5-3-3-2 but I would hate to pass with 5-5-2-1. I realize this is a potential misfit situation and I should pass asap. But what happened to good old "let the weak hand determine the trump ...
Responder's new suit after opener rebids suit
Kit Woolsey: I did not understand your statement. What should responder do with a weak hand and 5-5-2-1 shape? Or even 5-4-2-2.
Play 6NT
Thank you Debbie for sharing with us this suckling duck! (Prepared by Chef Will Zhu)
Canape Agape
In my system, 1M opening is always 4 cards, not longer, canape style for unbalanced hands. 2M openings (limited) show 5+ cards. 1 and 1 artificial and forcing. Full description here: (maybe .mx should be .ca; I'm currently in Mexico)
Mathematic question
In David Burn's table, I do not understand why or how when opener has 6 or 7 or 8 spades the probability that next hand has 2 spades increases rather than decreases compared to the case where opener has only 5 spades.
What is this Double?
Yes, to show strength.
What is this Double?
Option 1 [penalty] and Option 5 [any strong hand with 18+] are essentially the same. You do not want to wait to have 4 cards in hearts to double. And one should always double with a very strong hand. One cannot/should not double with a minimum opener. Would you ...

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