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Oct. 6, 2015
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Aug. 16
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A Tale of Two Bootstraps OR How to significantly improve ACBL masterpoint allocations in a way that most everyone will hate…
If I remember right the Golden State Warriors went 73-9 in one season. If I remember right, the Dallas Mavericks went 11-71 their first year in the NBA. I am fairly sure that the 2017 Warriors were a better team than the 1980 Mavericks. But the NBA allows a champion ...
How the average 'grass-roots' club players feel about psychs
Law 40 allows regulations of Special Partnership Understandings and specifically legalizes psyches. Since a psyche must, by definition, not be a partnership understanding, it seems that a regulations that says "you can agree to it, but you can't psyche it" might be in conflict with the law. Where is ...
Judges and Statistics
@John I agree that the range that I defined was rather large. Since the tail of a Normal distribution drops precipitously between 2 and 3SDs. I have heard the 2SD standard used in discrimination cases, but somewhere around 3SDs we get into the area of "I am unwilling to attribute ...
Judges and Statistics
What was found unconstitutional in Baker v. Carr was having districts with vastly different numbers of people. That was 55 years ago. The concept of Gerrymandering to favor one kind of people (party, race, ethnicity, whatever) only this year made it to the US Supreme Court and, if I read ...
Judges and Statistics
@Rsy: Is "Comfortable Satisfaction" in your opinion a higher, lower, or roughly the same as "Clear and Convincing"? As a statistician, I can support "Comfortable Satisfaction" at roughly 3SDs (0.15% tail) and maybe just above 2SDs (2.4% tail). That is roughly the "Clear and Convincing" standard.
Flannery Disclosure
The ACBL has repeatedly held that "choosing not to make one bid when systemically you have every other bid in the box available to you and the bid that you actually make isn't 'highly unusual or unexpected'" does not require an alert. "She didn't bid 1 because ...
Judges and Statistics
In another thread on cheating I mentioned the different levels of proof required for various things in law. The following isn't precise in law, but it will get close. The levels are these in increasing levels of certitude: 1) Rationally probable 2) Competent evidence 3) Preponderance of evidence 4 ...
How the average 'grass-roots' club players feel about psychs
With pre-alerted aggressive methods, opponents, both weak and strong, soon learn that they have more guessing to do than an occasional psyche from players with less aggressive methods. Just the line "We will PROBABLY interfere in you strong auctions, PASS, DBL, and RDBL should not be 'undiscussed'." puts opponents who ...
J and Lo in Atlanta
Thanks, Eugene!
Does multi go for more numbers?
I tend to agree with Mr. Rosenberg (not overly formal, you just can't swing a dead cat around here without hitting someone named "Michael" or with a last initial "R"). On one hand, opponents won't overcall your 5- or 6-card suit when opening a natural 2M as they ...
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