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Why a balancing 1NT should be any different from direct NT overcall?
Of course, he expects me to bid 4 when it is right and to criticize me for bidding it when it it wrong.
Best defense against Big Club?
Whatever your strong 1NT defense is, it is likely to work against strong 1 (or 1). But, as others have said, you need to get the auction to 2NT or higher, if you have a fit. Doing something CRaSh-like at the 3-level (or 2M-level) is a good backup ...
Why a balancing 1NT should be any different from direct NT overcall?
Some of the shading of 1NT bids in the protection seat can be mitigated by adopting a 13-16 1NT overcall in the direct seat, but reserving 13-counts only for situations where "doubling is wrong and passing is worse". There are plenty of players who swear by the offshape takeout double ...
How do your define your "Takeout Doubles"?
Opponents are entitled to the same definition that my partner and I use. If all that we have agreed is "Tskeout", that is all to which opponents are entitled. In the ACBL, it has been repeatedly held that understandings arising "solely from the fact that partner didn't do something ...
How do your define your "Takeout Doubles"?
A "takeout double" is a double where you expect partner to remove as the final contract. Whether she does remove it or decides to spring a trap is another matter. That is usually adequate for disclosure. What a responder wants to know is whether they can generally pass with a ...
How do your define your "Takeout Doubles"?
You can see my 10-year old attempt to describe takeout doubles at, but the comment is something along the lines of "Since we have a variety of ways to show two-suiters, take out doubles are almost always 3-suited or strong single-suited hands". This statement is true only if ...
For the Anything Goes File -- Multi-1NT???
Jim, my suggestion is that, if you are going to use multi-meaning opening bids, that you make the hands extremely different one from the other. It makes it very easy to disambiguate on the Opener's second call. What I am about to suggest is extremely Red Sticker and might ...
New Event - Double Elimination KO - Toronto Regional
3 sessions of 16-18 boards per session played in a single day with one "really long courtesy break" and one break suitable for meals would rock especially for seniors. You could even get a fourth session in, if you cared to. Normally timed 18-board sessions go about 2:15. That ...
Overcalling a Weak Two with 3m on a 5 card suit
This hand isn't good enough to correct at the 4-level, so it looks like I have to bid it at the 3-level. I would love to get that diamond suit into play also, but, if I am stuck picking one suit, with this hand it is definitely clubs. So ...
Do bridgeplayers LIKE conventions?
@Ian Grant: In situations where my partners and I will open in first seat at favorable vulnerability on complete crap, we play a response system that might be termed "three-over-one". Simple changes of suit are only semi-forcing and mostly corrective out of misfits. Opener is expected to pass simple changes ...
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