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Oct. 6, 2015
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Substitutes for Drury When Opps Overcall after 1!H or 1!S
One of the bid advantage of "Rojam"="Inverted Majors" is that they play just as well in competition and third seat as they do when responder hasn't previously passed. In the case of a passed hand, they may actually play better. "Transfers" should be the word over a 1 ...
Victory points for a forfeited match
As stated, the CoCs should give an answer to this and the Max(12, A, 20-B) rule as Chris Miller states below would make sense, but my assessment of what is right depends upon whether the team that forfeits is permitted to continue in the overall contest or not. In ...
Youngest Life Master
Congratulations Andrew! Was it the Screaming Pairs game that I directed this last Monday 2020-05-25 that put him over the top?
Defining Splinters and Exclusion Blackwood
With some partners, we have the agreement that non-jump bids in new suits after suit agreement ask about honors inside the suit. So, Rule #0: Suit agreement is implied ANY time we both show the same suit, even if the implied fit might only be 7 cards Rule #1: "Non-jump ...
International 24-hour Bridge Hackathon starts tomorrow 06:00 UTC - over 50 software developers/techies/researchers players involved
I was working on my own Bridge software efforts, directing an online game, sleeping, and attending to a sick wife and step-daughter. Can someone point me at a summary of the product of the brainstorming efforts and a list of the unassigned work? I might have some code lying about ...
Ethics re: opening 1NT with small singleton in quasi-ACBL competition
While the intent of 40B2(a)(i) might be to permit regulation of agreements, the term "understanding" is generally understood to be more expansive than "agreements". The ACBL has taken the position that, under some circumstances, taking some particular action is evidence of an understanding and has made it presumptively ...
Should bridge authorities be able to tell us what we can bid?
Baseball has its "Earl Weaver Rule". It was put in place because one rather astute manager (Guess who?) found it to his advantage not to disclose his agreement about who would bat in place of the pitcher {the position is called "DH"} and instead to make up his mind about ...
Overcalling strong NT openings
@Kieran: If you examine what I said closely, you won't say that I said anything like "you never have the hand to beat it on your own, so abandon all hope of penalizing". In fact, my sentiment is that "double of a strong 1NT should be a particular agreed ...
BBO deletes play "History" with ZERO notice!
During the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, President Kennedy was rumored to have said "Are we going to go to war because some low-level {characterization omitted} sergeant pushed the wrong button?" As a software developer and 4th-level support engineer who has been involved in operations that were experiencing growing pains ...
Overcalling strong NT openings
Against pairs who truly play a strong 1NT (as your post indicated), there is seldom a benefit to showing a strong balanced and unconcentrated hand in the direct seat. I can show you a 22-count that can't beat 1NT without help from partner and the right lead. KQJx KQJx ...
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