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Melanie Manfield
Melanie Manfield
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May 24, 2011
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April 18
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Silver Life Master
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Play in Washington DC The Washington Bridge League's Thursday night unit game has a guaranteed partner program, so even if you do not contact someone in advance, you will get a partner if you show up in advance of the game (preferably by 7 p.m.).
Melanie Manfield's bidding problem: --- KT965 QJ53 AKJ9
Yes, partner had a weak 2D opener available.
Bridge is a sport. What else? by José Damiani
My non-bridge playing friends and relatives have been laughing up a storm when I tell them about the efforts to get bridge into the Olympics.
Is ACBL Aiming for Ridicule?
This is an obvious point, but some people are not looking for a reason to spend more time online. They are looking for face-to-face activities. I am not opposed to online bridge against bots. But it doesn’t appeal to me. That doesn’t mean I won’t give it ...
Is ACBL Aiming for Ridicule?
The idea that young people don’t play games face-to-face persists, no matter the evidence to the contrary. The average age of the hundreds —and sometimes a couple of thousands — of Magic the Gathering players who come out to play tournaments every weekend — is not 99.
EBL will disallow Fantoni and Nunes
I doubt whether the: length of time of the cheating, failure to admit it, appeal to the CAS, and continuing to pursue the EBL legally, is likely to lead to many players putting this behind them quickly. And there are some who do not think there has been an over-reaction.
EBL will disallow Fantoni and Nunes
I'm not anti-lawyer. However, it's too bad that the EBL has to spend all of this money and time having its lawyers deal with Fantoni's lawyers.
Magic the Gathering champ also plays bridge!
Thank you, Bob.
Magic the Gathering champ also plays bridge!
Thanks, Peter!
Public statement from and myself
That is a good point, Nedju. It would seem that a legal battle may be coming. Unless the WBF and EBL just cave without a fight (which I very much hope will not be the case). If only they hadn't tied themselves in with the IOC and the CAS ...

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