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Max Schireson
Max Schireson
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Dec. 8, 2014
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Trying hard to learn to play bridge well. Stubbornly believe that is possible despite learning in my 40's.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
The first 105 boards of the 2018 USBC round of 16, where we played ROSENTHAL to a draw.
Bridge Accomplishments
Won 9 of 17 matches to finish 10th in the 2018 USBC RR. Made it to the Blue Ribbons finals. Made the LM pairs finals my first year of eligibility. Won 2017 GNT-C Nationals..
Regular Bridge Partners
Debbie Rosenberg, Cadir Lee, Lynn Shannon, Sarah Youngquist
ACBL Ranking
Life Master
Olivia / Miranda JUSBC
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Max and Lynn
2/1 (major suit rebid usually 6), Walsh style
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The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
@Ed Yes, this is the argument made by TBW - that in fact it is illegal to avoid the action suggested by UI, as many top players do. Putting aside whether this is a reasonable reading of the laws as written (I think not), I think it would be an awful ...
Master Points for Foreign Players
It seems clear that they are trying to convert both, in the same combination they convert in the US. I think the "how many MP would this player have in the US approach is a fair solution to a hard problem.
Club policy legal?
The crux of the matter is misstatement relative to what. Is it relative to: - partnership agreement - a specific opponent's expectation - what is generally expected in this type of event It is not 100% clear to me, but here is what I think: I think partnership agreement is the natural ...
Club policy legal?
So if I am playing against someone while frequently and effectively psyched (say Zia), am I allowed to psych that I am in contention - say by muttering "two more tops, crazy, we must have like 80% this session" as he sits down?
Club policy legal?
I like the term "balloon bids". I think it is a bit unsporting (by my personal definition) to use them against beginners, but I don't know of any law or regulation that requires people to conform to my pereonal definition of sportsmanship, nor prohibits such bids against beginners. Thus ...
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Bob, The only thing I have seen cited as evidence for the other view is law 73, which does say you must carefully avoid taking advantage of UI. TBW editorial took the position that taking the disfavored LA, which at least would not be rolled back if successful, was in ...
Club policy legal?
@Peg, What you describe is sometumes taking advantage of your opponents (if they are less experienced - or just less skilled) though sometimes it isn't when you think you need to keep a good player off a certain suig. That said, I feel differently about "taking advantage" this way because ...
Club policy legal?
Barry, I am saying that your partnership agreement, implicit or explicit, and normal bridge logic of what someone would expect as your partner, is probably that you have either cards or diamonds so having neither is a psych. Thus I think no HCP with diamonds is not a psych but ...
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Murat, I have far too many boards where Debbie assumed my slow lead was a singleton or my fast lead was not. She has an uncanny knack for taking the losing action in those situations :) Maybe next time I will post it, even if she might prefer not to be ...
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Peg, Yes, sometimes I really don't know what the UI suggests. Here I don't think I have a problem, but I recognize that I might lose a ruling. I can live with that. Note that here it makes (relatively) little difference now you read the law. Either way ...

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