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Mattias Andersson
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March 9, 2012
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about me

Peg and Paul can ignore me.

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Draft ACBL Alert Procedure - Request for Comments
According to this it seems like a strong natural 2NT opening bid should be alerted: 1. A Natural Opening Bid at the 2 or 3 level that may contain 12 or more High Card Points. This does not apply to an Opening in fourth seat.
BBO Best Hand Idea
Law 6 is fundamentally changed.
Hesitation Blackwood II (Director's perspective)
Why does it matter what the blackwood bidder has? They have no UI.
Switch the diamond jack and ten in your example.
New Convention Charts: Artificial? 2 Level Responses
A 2 response to 1 that is either a SJS in hearts or a diamond raise is not game forcing and does not show diamond support. Why would it be legal?
New form of "bridge" with NO disclosure
A one-time pad can not be figured out.
Feedback for Convention Chart, Part 2
Length is not defined. I'm not sure if it matters, but a hand that is of average strength is also of near average strength, and so on. Should 3. “Quasi-Natural”: A minor suit bid that is either natural or shows a pattern that would qualify for a natural NT ...
Feedback for Convention Chart, Part 2
If this is not clarified, 11 seems to disallow the common 2D multi variation which shows either a weak 2 in hearts, a weak 2 in spades, or a strong balanced hand, since it is an opening preempt that does not show at least one known suit and may have ...
Feedback for Convention Chart
What does showing a suit mean? What does showing length in a suit mean? This should be defined and made consistent. What does "shows a pattern that would qualify for a natural NT opening" mean in the definition of quasi-natural? Are there any requirements on potential singletons? Is there a ...
Using 1D as artificial after (1C)--X--(P)--??
After a 1 one of a suit/2/3 opening by the opponents followed by a double by us, we play the first step as either negative or GF, or a balanced with doubt about playing in NT. I would say it's even more useful over the ...

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