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Matthias Felmy
Matthias Felmy
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June 25, 2010
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Dec. 12
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Bridge Player

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some top 10 finishes in World Championships and European Championships (open/mixed), European Champion (U20), several national championships in Germany and Austria (open)
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Does a solution exist?
If South denied three or more hearts, North could give a suit-preference signal for and against clubs with a clear conscience.
Declarer play problem 05052019
It is hard (or at least time-consuming) to calculate all the probabilities, but to me it looks best to play A and a spade. Later lead Q from dummy. If West has the K, I am in pretty good shape although he would have led a diamond ...
Bridge Apps, Web, and Software
MyBridge Trainer - software (Windows) - like BridgeMaster but for defensive problems - beginner to intermediate - currently only in German
Rusinow Leads
thanks :)
Rusinow Leads
His exceptions are situations in which he does not play Rusinov against suit contracts. Not much too add, for those of you who prefer reading German, I wrote an article about Rusinov here:
Coughing Doctors saved by Cologne
I wrote a blog post (in German) about the Doctors.
Cologne court judges the prosecution of Wladow-Elinescu vs. Deutscher Bridge Verband.
1. in general, yes (as long as the event organiser has monopoly power in his region), DBV yes, a local club no 2. yes, if they are eligible to play (they lost the ruling against the WBF) The selection criteria include good/ethical behaviour as a criterion though. 3. This ...
In the Well: Jeff Meckstroth
Hi Jeff, thanks for being in the well. How are your system notes organized? For example: 1) Is it modular or one big file? 2) Is Eric solely responsible for writing the notes (or can you make changes in the notes as well)? 3) Do you use one column or ...
Just saw this on the Neapolitan Club website.
Not sure if this (what Rosalind said) is true in Swiss law (in German law, which is similar to Swiss law, it is not so easy, I believe). But ne bis in idem certainly does not apply to cheating in tournaments other than the 2014 European Championships in Opatija, e ...
Run or stay or ...?
thanks for posting this, interesting discussion and congratulations for winning the championship!

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