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Matthew Kidd
Matthew Kidd
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March 10, 2013
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about me

ACBLmerge, ACBLgamedump, Payoff Matrix, and Lead Solver developer

La Jolla unit (526) webmaster and vice-president (former president 2012-2018)

Photographer / Photoshopper (over 2800 player thumbnails created)

United States of America

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Winning a two session regional open pairs event partnering with a smart NLM (winning made him a LM)
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Bronze Life Master
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Summer 1994 San Diego NABC Appeals Decisions Casebook
Ah yes, memory lane. This was my first national. I didn't know anyone but my girlfriend had a friend in San Diego and we could stay with that friend's grandma for the Thanksgiving weekend so there we were 750 miles later. I hustled up a partner, probably near ...
Is it my imagination, or has navigating this site slowed down of late?
I've been seeing this problem too intermittently on both Firefox and Google Chrome. If you look at the network times in the browser developer tools, there is a huge delay (16.88 sec in one case) between sending a request for the Bridge Winners homepage and getting anything back ...
This is almost certainly a BBO server load issue rather than anything on your end. But for people who would like a better understanding, I'll try to give one. BBO is a single page web application. It uses a browser technology called [url= ...
How to export a hand from BBO to Bridgewinners?
The [url=][i]HOW-TO: Post BBO hands on Bridge Winners[/i][/url] that Patrick Laborde references above is absolutely the right method. The TinyURL links are new in the 5.6.3 BBO client released a couple of weeks ago. Link shortening services are ...
Fall National and all remaining 2020 Sectionals/Regionals Cancelled
Apparently I "triggered" a few sensitive souls who can't tolerate having the actions of the unmentionable politician presented in anything other than a hagiographic manner. I've gone back and forth with Eugene Hung about this flagging and then finally to the [url=]Bridge ...
Fall National and all remaining 2020 Sectionals/Regionals Cancelled
[Repost of the "non-controversial" part of my flagged comment] Though I'm not a huge fan of ACBL board and management—the bloated national board size, the ACBLscore+ debacle, the ill considered Honolulu national and its financial consequences, to cite a few examples—I don't understand Peter Marcus' concern ...
18 Board Movements on BBO
6×3 is a very bad format due to the limited field exposure as I've mentioned before on this site. I pushed the San Diego area clubs (and one unit) towards 9×2—I suspect others voiced the same opinion—and it's gone fine. It would be nice ...
Richard Pavlicek Suould Be In The ACBL Hall Of Fame
From the man himself (back in 2014): Hi Matt, "Advancer" is defined as the partner of the player who is first for his side to act (bid or double) after an opponent has opened the bidding, so, yes, partner of balancer would be the advancer. Personally I never use the ...
Richard Pavlicek Suould Be In The ACBL Hall Of Fame
Let me give a shout out to the [url=][i]Bridge Writing Style Guide[/i][/url] on his website. It's a mistake to think that after reading so many bridge books, it should be easy to write about bridge. When you set out ...
Richard Pavlicek Suould Be In The ACBL Hall Of Fame
[i]Modern Bridge Conventions[/i] (1981) isn't modern anymore but I still regularly refer to it and like Keith often refer new partners to it. This book is both concise and yet manages to cover all the key cases for each convention, something a one page article in the ...
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