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Matt Williams
Matt Williams
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April 7, 2014
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6 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Bidding to 6 clubs, ruffing the opening spade lead, then laying down the Ace of clubs, and realizing it was the Ace of spades...
ACBL Ranking
Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Senior Quarterfinal Hand
Hmmm, something's wrong with the Play Sequence. When North leads the 5 of diamonds, the A of spades is pitched from the South hand.
A Rixi hand(Hint enough lol) Plan your play.
Spade lead?
The Bug
Awesome hand. Thanks for posting!
A lesson hand - Plan the play
Great hand Daniel, thanks for sharing.
The smoking situation... & how to deal with the smokers
The unimaginable. How will you survive?
2016 Invitational Pairs Final, Part 2
Ignore that loser, Oren, and please continue publishing your fantastic threads. I really enjoy them.
Matt Williams's bidding problem: 765432 A3 KQ2 QT
Fascinating...Look dude, my comment to Gregory was tongue-in-cheek. He's smart, and got it, and even "liked" my comment. Why not you? And how many comments have I made on this website? Maybe 2 before this? Go pick a fight with someone else, if that's how you enjoy ...
Matt Williams's bidding problem: 765432 A3 KQ2 QT
Thank you Phillip, Joseph, Shahzaad, Jack, Gregory,and Daniel. Your comments have been very helpful, and I now see the benefits to opening 1S here.
Matt Williams's bidding problem: 765432 A3 KQ2 QT
I didn't say I didn't like comments. I said comments are welcome. Reading comprehension is a fundamental necessity in life.
Matt Williams's bidding problem: 765432 A3 KQ2 QT
What I meant to say was "most" comments are welcome.

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