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Jan. 31, 2012
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An Embarrassing Unintended Pass
See 25A2.
Why do I need a convention card?
I almost never comment on these things, but since it is probably obvious to many that I am the "senior" director mentioned in this thread I will offer a few comments to clarify. I know it is great fun to second-guess director decisions and rulings, but it is dangerous to ...
Correct ruling on a claim?
Ray, when the claimer says "What? You're really going to make me try to run clubs when the jack doesn't come down?", 70D1 allows the director to consider whether not noticing its absence to date would be beyond merely careless or inferior.
Correct ruling on a claim?
70D1 says she does get to switch horses under some circumstances. The question is whether this player should be held to a standard of not noticing that the jack of clubs has not put in an appearance after three rounds of clubs. Is that just careless or inferior, or is ...
Unusual Pairings and names.
Penticton Regional circa 1990. Albert Chik and George Schick.
ACBL Masterpoint® Awards
Sorry to all for the mess. This is all on me. I carelessly and stupidly applied the rule that bye teams don't get credit for a win for overall purposes to those teams who won one match in a four-way. Those teams do get credit for a win for ...
Turkish Winter Nationals- New Record
Not so fast, Crocodile Dundee. That's not a knife! The Las Vegas NABC in the summer of 1991 routinely saw table counts double that number. Attendance for the ten day tournament was over 24,000 tables.
Stop card out of turn
The director should give no such warning.
Minimum & maximum number of players polled by a director.
I am assuming that this whole discussion relates only to determining if a logical alternative exists. Of course the issue of demonstrably suggested needs to be dealt with separately.
Yet another ruling
The ACBL has specific instructions to TDs on this subject (dating back to 2008): "When a player picks up his bidding cards from the table when he knows he has a turn coming and he INTENDS for that to be interpreted as a pass, then he has passed. When a ...
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