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Matt Smith
Matt Smith
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March 4, 2014
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May 24
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Bridge Player

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Meeting Ailsa Peacock
Bridge Accomplishments
IBPA Junior Deal of the Year 2018.
Favorite Conventions
Legal Lead Directors and Right-Siding.
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Matt Smith
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
It Happened One Day
What's their lead % that hits partner's honour?
The Absolute Boundless Power of Gazzilli
Yep :) And that's all it should be.
Max Schireson's bidding problem: AKQ8 A8 973 AT98
Last week I had 873 A6 AK83 AJ76. Nil, RHO opened (1) and I overcalled 1NT raised to 3NT and going down one on a spade lead. Who would've thought that would happen... And now here I am, favourable, looking at 97x in their minor.
Partnership Defense
Cool hand. Thanks. Nice play by Declarer. I didn't see the danger of partner getting endplayed like that. Hopefully lesson learnt. I guess my A continuation trick 5 was just doing exactly what declarer wanted. I thought AJT98 AK94 J7 A9 was "obviously" what was going on when declarer ...
3-5 or 5-3 in Majors after Opening 1N
Mine is 1NT 2NT 3C 3D = (31)(54) 3H asks shortage: 3S=Low, 3NT=High. 1NT 3M is free for something else.
Triple strip squeeze?
Just a thought
Yep you're right, I wrote it down wrong. The 10 wasn't meant to be in dummy.
Just a thought
Marshall Miles wrote about the "Kantar" play: ..........954 Q32 ....... AKJ6 ..........T87 West leads 2 against 3NT. East is unsure if West has Qxx or 10xxx. Ace then King asks for an unblock. (edit: 10 moved from dummy to declarer)
What's the position, post-Boye Revelations?
Plea to BBO software developers
I came back to David's post to say the exact same thing. RFID tables should be used. Tablets used for bidding / explanations. 100% accurate broadcasting of all bids/explanations/cardplay to BBO without the need of a vugraph operator.

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