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Matt Foster
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Feb. 22, 2017
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Jan. 18
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what’s your line
West was 6=3=3=1 with both minor suit kings, but not the J The T was stiff with east if that makes any difference, might you take it at face value when it appears?
What do you play against multi 2!D?
X : 13+ BAL 2M: NAT NF 2N: 3: 3: 3:
what’s your line
That’s a nice way inference about clubs not beig 5-0 or 0-5. It might even be true :) Surely we can do better on the 4-1 / 1-4 club breaks though?
Harrison Luba's bidding problem: QT876 42 AKQ K83
What did 3 show and what didn’t it show? What do we know about openers length?
Rae Murbach's bidding problem: T52 943 A954 J72
I have no idea what is opposite, and perhaps should therefore make the cheapest bid available. Still the A rates to be gold unless partner is a totally bonkers.
Can I pass? or not?
You’re not constrained, but it’s all irrelevant unless you believe in 2nd degree UI
How do you play it?
Draw trumps, AK of AK of Go off when West has Jxxx(x) unless he has QJ or KQ as well.
What do you say? (Part 1)
Never call for the eight, it is far too often misheard ace. For the same reason I call for top rather than ace.
David Parsons's bidding problem: 3 KQ9 AQ9 AKQJ64
If 4N resolved strain, then 5N surely shows doubt about level. 5H would be a grand slam try with a heart control, therefore .....
Marius Moraru's bidding problem: T987 J8 2 AKJ742
But Mr Smug wasn’t listening. He couldn’t understand how it was safer to bid 4 rather than 3
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