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Mason Barge
Mason Barge
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Basic Information

Member Since
Jan. 8, 2015
Last Seen
Nov. 18
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Bridge Player
about me

Favorite bridge quote: "If I didn't make mistakes, why would I be playing with you?" (But only if partner will find it humorous.)

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning my first Open Pairs at a tournament.
Bridge Accomplishments
Won the Mini-McKenney and Ace of Clubs my first year (2015), albeit in the lowly 50-100 bracket..
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Bridge Club of Atlanta
Favorite Tournaments
Greenville/Hilton Head Regionals
Favorite Conventions
"Keller Convention": I can't see my partner's mistakes. I can't speak to criticize my partner. If my partner criticizes me, I can't hear. I play bridge to have a good time!
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Tarokh Taefi 2/1
2 over 1 (3635481 - 9079653)
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Bob Abrams
Standard 2/1
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Charlie Babcock 2/1
2 over 1 (3635481 - 9079653)
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2 over 1
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Copy of Mason Barge-Roger Quillen
2 over 1
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Sam Marks's bidding problem: 93 K9754 K3 KT95
Haha! I was going to put this up as a bidding problem and you beat me to it! Well I voted for my actual call, you might want to discount it. :)
Director Ruling
It seems to me that the expert player’s explanation was likely correct. If so, I don’t see that Rule 20F5 would apply. In fact, if it was an incorrect explanation, relief should be automatic.
Bob Simkins's bidding problem: Q7653 --- 8632 Q753
If you pull this and partner has four (or five!) solid tricks, you'll never hear the end of it.
Director Ruling
I have seen this happen before and the Rules are unclear. I have seen a director at an NABC rule similarly to the ruling here. In my not-very-valuable opinion, a "misbid" should be found only if West had understood that 4 was kickback and simply miscounted (which happens often ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: Q63 AKJ82 AK2 A5
The pre-empt worked. Partner bid under a lot of pressure. I'm going to make his life easy and bid 6. I don't want to bid 5 and see him go to 7 with a small spade or two, or 5NT and have him decide I have ...
Mason Barge's bidding problem: 75 JT98743 7 T85
In practice, I bid 2 with this hand and got a good result, but my partner chewed me out.
David Sackett's bidding problem: K92 A83 T62 Q863
This really depends on opponent's style. If they bid their 4-card majors up the line, I have to bid 2.
Kristijan šTefanec's bidding problem: K53 K875 A6 K852
You doublers deserve to find partner with Qx or Jxx of diamonds :)
Wayne Burrows's bidding problem: 6 A98753 J3 8432
This needs a computer analysis. My guess is that 4 makes more than half the time. Although if it's late in the match and I'm having a good game, I'd pass, assuming this is a club game. Bid with the field, doncha' know?
Sasha Cooper's bidding problem: 876 2 KQ954 AK93
Not passing with 3 quick tricks and a singleton heart.

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