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What's wrong with opening 1!h?
Gazilli or the kind of artificial 3C JS that Craig Z. described are much better solutions than opening 1H with this. If the opponents are nice enough to keep silent, you might get away with 1H. But if the opponents jam the auction, you'll have a very hard time ...
Are Meckwell leaving the Nickel team?
Donald, when you say you don't know "where Eric is going," are you implying that he's going somewhere different than Meck?
Is there a PROVEN best carding method?
Overall, I agree with Mike H., Craig Z., and others who have said that it's different for attitude than for count. For attitude, UDCA is superior. We can debate HOW MUCH it matters in practice, but the theoretical advantage is CLEAR. Not having to waste a high card when ...
Is there a PROVEN best carding method?
Francis, what evidence are you talking about for trick 1? Standard is better when partner leads from AK, but NOT in any other circumstance that I'm aware of. UDCA is superior at trick 1 in many combinations. The pro pairs that vary their signals generally play UDCA, except if ...
Are Meckwell leaving the Nickel team?
Wow! Any idea what team Meckwell are joining? Perhaps Fleisher to replace Greco Hampson?
Olympic status. At what cost?
Steve, numerous posts on this site have stressed the importance of recruiting new members to keep bridge alive. Don't you think that's a worth goal? Being an Olympic sport doesn't help with that goal in the U.S., but it does in countries where it results in ...
Assess the Blame: getting to 6!C
I agree with Kit. 4C was not ideal IMO. I'd prefer either a 4S splinter, or else do something so you can ask for key cards cheaply if you have methods that allow you to ask with 4C or 4D.
You Be the Judge. Common Game 2/12/19 board 23
IMO, worst bid is a tie between 2D and the final Pass. As a result, I assign 50% blame to each partner. 3S seems like a much better description of this hand than 2D. On the other hand, once partner has bid 2D and then pulled 3NT to 4S, I ...
another "Where did East/West go wrong?" hand
It's hard to answer "whose fault" without knowing your agreements. First, we don't know how light your partnership opens 1M in 3rd seat. If Opener is expected to have a full opening bid (12+ pts), then East should simply bid game (or splinter raise forcing to game). Likewise ...
Ruff and Sluff
Kit, you wrote: "Let's suppose the auction had gone: 1♥-P-1NT-P;? Would you pass, or would you bid 2♦?" That's a totally different auction, it has NOTHING to do with this one. When partner doubles 1NT, you know he has 10+ HCP. That completely changes the odds compared ...
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