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A play problem from today's Swiss
My first instinct was club to the Ace, but that line requires either clubs 3-3 or Kx, or hearts 2-2. If either opponent has Kxxx of clubs and hearts break 3-1, I'll lose control. I'm willing to lose 1 club and 2 trumps. Given that, I think club ...
"The worst play I have ever seen"
Worst ever? No, but West's defense was pretty bad. Why not just lead the last club at trick 4? That pretty much ensures partner can pitch her last diamond, cutting declarer off from the dummy, at least temporarily. Declarer will end up losing at least 3C + 2S + 1H, possibly ...
common game deal best line for 6NT
Without doing much analysis, it feels like it has to be right to cash AKx of diamonds. There's a 67% chance diamonds come in for 3 tricks (3-3 break, Hx, or stiff H). As long as diamonds behave we'll make if either: (a) spades are 3-3, or (b ...
At first blush East's 3C bid looks reasonable, especially at MPs. However, he should realize that if partner has 7-10 HCP (outside of spades) and 5 hearts, a good game will be missed. At IMPs I would X with the East hand. At MPs it's closer as making ...
How could West have advanced a lead directing 2H over East's 3C call? That 2H bid would be insufficient. Bidding a lead directing 3H is a lot riskier. IMO West lacks the values for that.
ATB - missed game
I somewhat disagree with Alex. He's right that it's not a true "penalty double" in the sense of having a trump stack, but it still tells partner you expect to beat this and most important, it discourages him from bidding any more. West expects his X to be ...
2 Day Trials Format
The idea that counting carryover against your finals opponent makes the finals a "longer match" is an ILLUSION. It's one of many logical fallacies that people seem to be prone to falling into.
2 Day Trials Format
In a 4 team scenario, assume 1 team is significantly worse than the other 3. It wouldn't be at all uncommone for the three good teams, A, B, and C, to each go 1-1 against each other. It also wouldn't be uncommon for each of those match margins ...
2 Day Trials Format
I hate the "full carryover" concept. It doesn't truly make the match "64 boards" and it introduces incredible random elements. I've seen a KO final between teams A and B completely "decided" by a RR match between teams B and C! A was guaranteed a spot in the ...
2 Day Trials Format
I like Jan's idea. I also agree that there's no reason to limit the play to 48 boards a day. Playing KO, IMO you could play two 30 board matches each day, certainly could play two 28 board matches.
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