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New Convention Charts: Artificial? 2 Level Responses
That's actually the whole point of the new Open charts. :) If it isn't prohibited, it's allowed.
ATB - Teams knockout match (24 boards)
I agree with Kit. If you're going to run, you should XX rather than just bid 5C. Maybe partner has QTxxxx, xx, Jxx, xx. Wouldn't you rather be in 4S redoubled than 5C doubled opposite that?
ATB - Teams knockout match (24 boards)
I would surely double as West. In auctions like this, the risk of missing a game by never getting into the auction is far greater than the risk of going for a number. However, in my partnerships, a 4-level X always shows a willingness to defend. It's "convertible values ...
A different Eligibility Question - ACBL Discipline
I'd like to see us keep our current rule. ACBL sometimes "wimps out" and merely puts someone on probation for fairly serious offenses. That way, a probation has somewhat more consequences, at least for top players who compete in our Trials. Otherwise, it's almost meaningless if there's ...
Need help defending against Precision 1!D
I agree that a 2D overcall should be natural, but I recommend that you NOT give up 2H as natural. Just give up Michaels when playing against a precision 1D. You can always just bid both majors naturally when you're 5-5. But you can't safely preempt in hearts ...
Need help defending against Precision 1!D
I suggest you play that if 2D is your side's first bid, that's natural. However, if one of you overcalls 1M, then 2D by partner is still a Q-bid. You really need to have a Q-bid, that's critical.
ACBL - Running a KO with a qualifying swiss?
Eric, As long as each match will be at least 6 boards long, I suggest running a complete round robin rather than a Swiss for the first day. That's feasible if your entry size is 9 or fewer teams in the bracket. E.g., with 9 teams, you play ...
ATB playing 5m down when 3NT is much better
Why should 3H SHOW something in hearts? Partner just bid diamonds (showing something there), while we've bid spades and clubs. With something in hearts (like we have), why don't we just bid 3NT? IMO, 3H should DENY a heart stopper. Most of the bridge world doesn't seem ...
Best defense against Big Club?
Tom wrote, "Throwing in a bid against a strong club will not screw up a good pair with understandings. In fact it will usually help them." I couldn't disagree more strongly. Throwing in ONE 1-level bid might help them. But if Advancer can raise to 2M or 3m, it ...
Best defense against Big Club?
"Whatever you do, get to the 3 level fast with distribution." Absolutely right!! The key isn't the initial overcall, it's the advance. If we locate a fit (or can guarantee that one exists after a CRASH 2-way overcall), Advancer needs to jack the level up high enough that ...
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