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Equal Level Conversion Parameters
Michael, I've always found ELC to be a very useful convention and haven't had problems with it. You don't lose the ability to show a good hand by doubling and then bidding. All it means is if you correct to the middle unbid suit over partner's ...
More judging!
David, why do you believe that treating a "bid (of) what we're committed to bidding" as the weakest action (i.e., fast arrival) is "foolish in the extreme"? That's my default agreement, and from my experience most experts have that default agreement. Further, while I'm sure you ...
More judging!
What if South is confident he's right, but his partner is equally adamant that he (North) was right? Shouldn't South be allowed to post to show his partner that most BW readers would have bid differently with the North hand -- not for the purpose of embarrassing North but ...
Who's to blame?
Is this hand really worth assigning blame? Game depends on a finesse. Our side only has 22 HCP so West (the opening bidder) doesn't necessarily have the missing King of clubs. If he has a Weak NT hand type, the opposing HCP are divided roughly 12 - 6, meaning West ...
Invite 3N or commit?
My first choice is PASS. My second choice is 3NT. Inviting feels like a bad idea because it looks like a 1 or 3 hand to me. For 3NT to be right, partner needs the Ace of spades (or spade length with at least QTx) AND a diamond fit (probably ...
Good contract?
David, to simplify the calculation I was assuming North only covers from KT doubleton. I understand that for game theory reasons he occasionally should cover from Kx (probably one-third of the time with Kx but never from Kxx).
Good contract?
Jeff, I think the odds of bringing in spades for no losers are less than you estimated: only 12%. You need spades 3-2 which is 68%. You need the king onside which is 50%. Unless North holds KT doubleton you need South to have the 10, which is 50%. Finally ...
Bad Lead or Sleeping Defender or Both?
I partly blame East for the opening lead. In MANY situations it's wrong to lead from AQxxxx against NT. According to the simulation book, when you have a 6 card suit and the opponents bid NT with balanced hands, partner will have a singleton about 40% to 50% of ...
So,what is an agreement?
Bill, I'm not sure what you mean by a "private match." ACBL rules explicitly allow the director to send one player away during a hand to allow his partner to explain a bid. I've invoked this procedure multiple times. It makes no difference whether you're playing a ...
So,what is an agreement?
I agree with everything Yordan said, especially the part about, "I can't imagine putting myself in this position." I also can't imagine why you made a conventional double that you knew was undiscussed. Bill, I have a couple of questions for you that may clarify your obligations here ...
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