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I could easily have a 6th spade for my 2S bid (even though 2S didn't promise 6), but I don't. To me, that big negative offsets the fact that my honor cards are very good: 3 key cards + trump Q. With my flat hand and partner implicitly denying ...
Philly Slam Poll 1 of 3: ATB missed 6!S
Dave, I agree the trump Jack is valuable, especially when we may have only an 8 card fit. I merely intended to say that I'd prefer to have the heart Jack. Clearly the trump Jack is more valuable than the Jack of either minor suit.
Philly Slam Poll 3 of 3: Responses to Queen Ask
Patrick, the question is what a 5NT bid BY TELLER means (in reply to a Queen ask). We all know what 5NT by Asker means.
Fourth suit after XYZ
Jeff, in the fourth suit forcing auction (where 2H was FSF), I agree that it makes sense to play 2S as the punt because that leaves partner room to bid 2NT. If 2S is your punt, then 3H should show 4-1-3-5 (i.e., a 3 card raise of partner's ...
Fourth suit after XYZ
Art, if you DEFINE a bid as a punt, then you're not "misdescribing" your hand by making that bid. It's only a "misdescription" if your agreement is that 2H is natural, showing 4-3-1-5 shape. What's the point of that? Just bid 2NT with 4-3-1-5.
Fourth suit after XYZ
It's a "punt": you don't want to bid 2NT (probably no heart stopper) and no other descriptive bid fits. I'd expect Opener to be 4-2-2-5 with a low doubleton in hearts, or possibly 4-2-3-4 (with xxx in D and again a low doubleton in H). 4-3-1-5 with ...
Philly Slam Poll 3 of 3: Responses to Queen Ask
Yu, that's exactly what I suggested above.
Philly Slam Poll 3 of 3: Responses to Queen Ask
Dave, in my methods, if Teller has not yet shown or denied the king in a suit that Asker bids, it asks about that king. If Teller has already shown or denied that King, then it asks about that queen. If it's a suit where Teller already splintered, it ...
Render Unto Dummy
John, IMO the spade lead stands out by a mile. Honestly I can't imagine leading any suit other than spades from this hand (on this auction). Every other lead has a much higher risk of blowing a trick. By contrast, the spade lead is pretty safe AND it offers ...
Opinion on a director's ruling.
Monty, your "impression" that cue bids are never alertable is wrong. This is a very common mistake. Cue bids ARE alertable when they show a significantly different hand than the opponents should expect. Natural overcalls in a suit the opponents opened fall into that category. ACBL's official "Alert Chart ...
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