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1!D Overcall: legal on 3 card suit?
"p.s. I also can't see any merit in this at all. if you want to act on random balanced hands that aren't suitable for 1NT, why not just double?" Frances, you can't (or shouldn't) make a T/O X of 1C holding 4-2 or 2-4 ...
1!D Overcall: legal on 3 card suit?
From what I understand, the BOD in San Diego liked the proposals and had no specific objections to any of them, but they want more time to study the changes. They formed a couple of Board subcommittees and plan to reconsider the proposal in Phil. Barring an unexpected development I ...
Showing the Queen of Spades
I agree with Dale. Gary, we need to be careful with terminology to avoid disparaging some players whose ethics are top notch (e.g., Versace-Lauria). What I think of as "Italian Doubles," at least today, is very different than what Avon is showing here. V-L and other modern Italian stars ...
Showing the Queen of Spades
Avon, in the example hand you offered, normal ELC advocates would say Overcaller must Pass initially because he's short in the highest ranking unbid suit. Swap his hearts for his clubs and ELC would permit a T/O X (4-4-4-1 shape).
Showing the Queen of Spades
Avon, equal level conversion ("ELC") means the takeout doubler can bid the cheapest new suit without showing extra values. E.g.: (1H) - X - (pass) - 2C - (pass) - 2D. Playing ELC, the 2D bid would not show any extra values and would not be forcing. It would simply say, "I only have ...
Showing the Queen of Spades
Avon, you showed us how the auction continued on two of the eight hands. How about the other six? The two you presented look very suspicious; it's hard to fathom how South "guessed" to bid on the first (with only 4 spades) but passed on the second (with 6 ...
Showing the Jack of Spades
Avon, IMO this pair of hands, standing alone, suggests that South took advantage of UI in the form of "table feel" he got from his partner (he realized N psyched in #1), but they don't make me suspect prearranged collusion. It's certainly possible N-S colluded via secret signals ...
Showing the Jack of Spades
Mike H., I guess I have to join Mike L. in your "extremely weak player" category. Before the bidding starts I think hands #1 and #2 are pretty close to equal in value. I like the honor cards much better in #1, but the shape is a little better in ...
Showing the Ten of Spades
Avon, Are you really trying to base a case on the fact that someone led "fourth from his longest and strongest" suit against 3NT? 50 years ago I assume the D3 would have attracted a large majority of votes, even though today most players know better. On the other hand ...
Bid Better or Play Better
This slam is worse than 50% so you shouldn't want to bid it. Including singleton Queen and a 4-0 break onside, you have a 57% chance of picking up spades for no losers. WHEN that succeeds, you still need to play hearts for just one loser, a 75% chance ...
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