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Restricted Choice - or not?
Viewing this another way, we have to assume the suit is divided 3-2, with West having 3. Otherwise, it's hopeless. Given that assumption, there are 10 possible layouts West can have: xxx 1 combination. KQx 3 combinations. Qxx 3 combinations. Kxx 3 combinations. Of these 10 a priori combinations ...
Restricted Choice - or not?
The way restricted choice works, you have to consider all of the spot cards as equals. Therefore, there are 3 ways West can hold Qxx, but there's only one way East can hold KQ tight. Based on that, Qxx is 3 times more likely. If we eliminated your inference ...
How to Score a Round Robin Played in two Separate Segments
I strongly agree with Danny. Suppose a team loses the first day's match by 40 IMPs. If you combine the scores, they would have almost nothing to lose to lose if they lose 25 more IMPs on the second day, but they have quite a lot to gain if ...
errant claim
Technically, I believe the "correct" ruling, under a strict application of the Laws, is that declarer loses one trick. He wasn't aware that he had the spade Ace, so clearly he planned to ruff with the 7 and then lead the Q to the next trick (which he believed ...
Tales from the Past. Part 1: I'm Mad
AW, I'll give you credit, those stories were very amusing. However, I hope you made up the names of the cheat and the drug user. Otherwise, IMO this post clearly violates BW guidelines by naming a player and accusing him of cheating (and naming a second player, whom you ...
Over Their Weak Notrump
Many players figure that with a good hand that includes a major, they can simply start with X. However, in my experience, many good hands with a major are "good" (i.e., have high trick taking potential on offense) because of their distribution; they don't necessarily have a ton ...
Over Their Weak Notrump
As Mike M. said, when they open a Weak NT, we shouldn't be looking to obstruct them with 2-suited bids; rather, we should try to maximize our constructive auctions. Therefore, I prefer this: X: penalty 2C: hearts 2D: spades 2H: both majors (not strong) 2S: 1 minor (strong) 2NT ...
Blue Over Red Boards
I don't like the red boards, for the reason Debbie mentioned. Whenever I play with red boards I consciously make an extra effort to double check the vulnerability.
On counting tricks.
In suit contracts, the critical question is usually, should you pull trumps immediately or should you do something else first (either get some ruffs or set up a side suit)? To answer, I START by counting what will happen if I pull trump: will I then be able to take ...
YAC (Yet another claim)
Patrick, If declarer had stated, "I make as long as clubs break 4-3," then the claim would be OK. But in the actual case, where he stated that he ALWAYS makes, he has clearly miscalculated SOMETHING. You don't get the benefit of the doubt when you make a bad ...
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