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I still don't get this whole ethics thing
Whatever her hand is, you have to bid according to your agreements and your hand. It seems partner did, as you suspected, forget your agreement. If you bid 4, asking partner to pick hearts or spades, your job is done. If it works out well, the director may adjust ...
I still don't get this whole ethics thing
I don't see that you have any ethical problem so long as you don't pass, raise clubs, or stop short of game. You have an exceptionally good hand, nearly a strong NT, yourself, and given your agreement, 3 can only be some kind of strong forward-going bid ...
1M - 1NT - 3NT. What is your treatment for that rare bid?
Solid 6 card suit (AKQxxx or better) with stoppers (at least Qxx or Kx) in all other suits, around 16-19 HCP. Responder can choose between 3N or 4M (or cue bid another suit if he has a 3 card limit raise).
One "Big Idea" - Ratings
@John Moschella, The goals are stated above several times, but in a nutshell they are to place players in brackets where their current skill level makes them reasonably competitive. This means raising up players with high skill and low points, and lowering players with weak skill and high points. It ...
One "Big Idea" - Ratings
Steven, The system I threw out (which is only an example, but I think a reasonably workable one) is not based on accumulated master points but on masterpoints won per game played. If you play once per year and come in first that time you will have a very high ...
One "Big Idea" - Ratings
Jeff, I don't think I can legally / ethically do more than paraphrase. The original document is on the ACBL site but is limited to logged-in members. It is not my place to copy the document to an open forum. My read of it is that the purpose is, as ...
One "Big Idea" - Ratings
Jeff, The reasons are stated in my original article and are pretty much what you state in your last paragraph. I also stated that this system is in addition to the current Ranks, not replacing them. Other people in comments seem to be looking for a system that serves other ...
One "Big Idea" - Ratings
I think abandoning the current system completely is crazy and bad for ACBL. Keep giving out ranks as lifetime achievement awards. People take pride in them, so why would you want to take that away? Ratings would be used to determine what strat/bracket you play in, for qualification in ...
One "Big Idea" - Ratings
Yes. I should have mentioned that the rating of a pair or team would either be the sum or the maximum of the players involved, ala current practice (by average or by highest are the two ways I have seen used in current tournaments)
One "Big Idea" - Ratings
Unlike the system used in chess, the system proposed would not cause anyone's rating to go down because they played in a club game. It just attaches more value to playing in harder games. The things that make your rating drop are playing in fewer hard games or winning ...

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