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@Richard, It is certainly considered best practice, and with arguably good reasons, not to disclose WHY someone is terminated from a job (if for cause. It is not common practice, or sensible practice, to eliminate a customer facing person and not notify those customers that the person is gone and ...
Not Losing Money on NABCs
On reflection, I think the general idea of discriminatory pricing (market segmentation, to use the economics 101 term)at NABCs would be so abhorrent to many players that any extra revenue it would theoretically generate would be wiped out by people who choose to boycott. I think the heart of ...
Defending a “psych”
I asked a ACBL National Director about this (not this hand, but when it happened to me at a NABC several years ago). He said this is considered an illegal psyche of a convention, and that it is illegal to have an agreement that 2NT can have less than invitational ...
Not Losing Money on NABCs
This is a very practical idea. It would probably be fairly effective, but would cause a lot of grumbling. I think it is unclear whether it would bring in enough new income to matter though. The number of participants in the expensive category may be insufficient unless the surcharges for ...
Not Losing Money on NABCs
Price discrimination in the US is perfectly legal so long as it isn't discriminating based on a protected class (i.e. ethnicity or sexual orientation).
Gold Rush
Jeff, Your 'Trophy to every participant' idea is certainly untrue. GR pays MP awards to the same percentage of participants as all pair events. In fact, if you look at what actually happens, it is relatively uncommon to see non-LMs winning the top places in these events, despite the fact ...
A simple proposal to improve the game while earning clubs/directors extra income
The notion of making money from this is silly. The notion of enforcing the rule is not. And, in fact, the predominant problem is not that there is only one copy of the card available, it is that there is NO CARD AT ALL (hence nothing to copy). And what ...
Gold Rush
Tim, GR events are neither social events nor gold point giveaways. Only those who place in the overalls get gold. If you study the stats, you will notice that most of teh people who are in the overalls are already LMs. The people who play in any duplicte event liek ...
More National Events
Steve, Some would and some wouldn't. I have been going to at least one NABC a year, usually more, since I came back to bridge in 2008 (had about 50 MP at the time). And I typically used to play in at least one NABC event each time, but ...
What If Gold Rush Meant Something?
Daniel, I agree with your first point but not your second. I found the people much friendlier in higher level events than in Gold Rush, provided you are a serious player and don't cause disruption. Too many GR folks are overly focussed on making LM and think that supercedes ...

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