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USA Wins World Youth Teams
Toronto NABC Follow-up
I think it is great that Bahar is engaging in active and open communication. I exchanged several emails with him on other issues, and was very impressed with his thoughtfulness and willingness to engage. I would like to second the comment by Mr. Saxe that it is inappropriate to post ...
Raises to five of the agreed major suit?
@Barry - if you are looking for slam, you go slow, bidding controls. Then, if partner signs off in game, you raise to 5 to ask about trumps (makes it case 1). Or, after bidding controls yourself, jumping to 5 level when you could have signed off at four level is ...
Raises to five of the agreed major suit?
I think all of this is pretty standard, but if you haven't discussed it, don't be surprised if things go very badly! 1. Bid 6 if you have two of the top 3 in the trump suit. 2. Preemption - you have a 10 or more card fit and ...
Cell Phone Penalty
Was at a sectional playing swiss this past Sunday. At the table next to me, a guy's phone rang and he sat there in the middle of the room talking for several minutes. Director was called. Came over and told him he had to stop but did NOTHING. And ...
Cell Phone Penalty
During a regional a couple of years ago, my daughter was having surgery. I talked to the director. He said "I'll hold your phone and come get you if there is an emergency call." Seems like an eminently reasonable solution to me.
ACBL Regional Tournament Attendance/Cost Issue
@Tom, There are people in NYC who would certainly advocate having 'Regionals at Clubs', especially the club owners. In NY, there is a long standing problem that the club owners are very unhappy when tournaments happen, because it hurts their attendance. And yes, ballroom rental costs are very high, as ...
ACBL Regional Tournament Attendance/Cost Issue
Peg, I was mainly referring to folks who are advocating going back to unflighted / unstratified. I just don't see how this could do anything but hurt attendance. I agree that most good players want to compete against peers and better, not weaker players. In NYC, where I live, people ...
ACBL Regional Tournament Attendance/Cost Issue
I am not convinced anything is really "broken" right now other than a declining number of competitive bridge players with a constant (and maybe too large) number of tournaments. In general, I think most players are fairly happy with the current strats / brackets. Those who like playing against peers only ...
A Robot Compromise
Less boards to determine who has true skill playing an oddly tilted game, different from live bridge. And guarantees you never have to show the skill of deciding when to take an action with a weak hand.

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