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Martin Wuest
Martin Wuest
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Member Since
Aug. 7, 2010
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3 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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Bridge Accomplishments
National Champion (2018), (Premier League (Bundesliga)), National champion (2009), German Cup; 2nd place German Bundesliga (2016), 3rd Place German Bundesliga (2015), 3rd Place German Teams Championship (2016), 3rd Place Men´s Pairs Championship (2012)
Regular Bridge Partners
Vitaliy Khanukov (BBO-username: vkhan11 ), Matthias Felmy (BBO-username: Game over)
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Koeln-Lindenthal, Troisdorf
Favorite Tournaments
Chairman´s Cup (Sweden), German Trophy
Favorite Conventions
Gazzilli, Double Pass Inversion, 2-way-checkback
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ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: --- A9754 QJT965 A5
I love to play transfers in these situations. Then I could bid 3 showing diamonds at least INV and after 3 3! H next.
Rare High-Level Decision
Partner wants me to show where he lives. I would cue the ace of and otherwise bid 6. After the start of the bidding a Grand Slam looks rather unlikely.
Merijn Groenenboom's bidding problem: AK752 32 AKJ 432
Well, with 5332 hands HCP are extremely important. If you tell me how to show this hand after 1 -1N I would be very interested.
Continuations after Minorwood
But I don't agree about Drury :)
Merijn Groenenboom's bidding problem: AK752 32 AKJ 432
It is simply about HCP. 1N delivers concrete information, 1S does not. And after 1 - 1N - 2 - 2, what do you do? And even if you play Gazzilli: Is this hand strong enough to play game facing a random 9 HCP hand? I don't think so.
Merijn Groenenboom's bidding problem: AK752 32 AKJ 432
1 =17+ BAL or 16+ UNBAL and the J isn't so hot, holding only a 3 card suit. So I wouldn't open 1
JoAnn Sprung's bidding problem: AKJ7 Q43 T QJT97
I would never only bid 2 with this hand and would choose the bid which your system allows me: 3 Minisplinter or 3. In Precision you have a 2 opening bid, which would simplify things. :-)
Merijn Groenenboom's bidding problem: AK752 32 AKJ 432
In Precision I don't think you have a choice because you cant show 14-16 HCP BAL after opening 1. After 1 - 1N -2 partner will bid 2 with 2 spades and 6-11 HCP in a flash and you can only pass. In a natural frame ...
David Libchaber's bidding problem: 6 T74 Q96 AKQJ52
For me 2 would be a 11-13NT hand and I would bid 2 as a puppet to 2N. If 2 is natural and my 3 would be nonfircing, I have to bid 3! D. What else?
Nikolas Bausback's bidding problem: KJT Q853 AQ4 AQ9
With a 5 card suit and anything resembling a bid, my partner would already have bid. ;-) And what will I do if someone redoubles? Thx, but no thx.

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