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Martin Lindfors
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Sept. 24, 2017
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about me

I started bridge in 2017, and mostly play at my local club in Sweden.

Outside of bridge, I'm a graduate student doing machine learning research. 


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what is 2 over 1 over takeout double?
I still don't get why NF responses make sense. You're helping the opponents by allowing them the choice to pass, make a free bid, or double. I'd rather pass, let them show their suit and 0-9 hcp, then come in next turn if required.
What does a hesitation suggest here?
Really, I can't see what South would hold to bid like this. Perhaps a 3=5=2=3 10 count. It took a while for me to figure that out, so I can sympathize if North did so too. Disclaimer: I'm a small time club player.
What does a hesitation suggest here?
"Why is CHO doing this to me?"
Nigel Kearney's bidding problem: K7 K54 KQ8 AQ762
4 is "obviously" a cue, since 4 last turn "obviously" would have been natural and forcing.
Nigel Kearney's bidding problem: K7 K54 KQ8 AQ762
If I elicit a diamond cue, I'll be keycarding. Otherwise I'll subside, I think.
Jon Green's bidding problem: Q862 T3 A9765 94
Yeah, I'd rather play double as takeout. Then partner can bid a four card major if he has one, or bid 2 if he lacks any. Oh, wait...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: T765 AJT95 Q2 87
I'm OK with partner superaccepting with most hands with four card support. Just not with three card support. Hope that is not the case.
Play 6NT
West is unlikely to lead into our suit if he had a better choice available in the minors. Thus, I'm placing him with both minor queens.
Kevin O'Dea's bidding problem: Q876 A42 T96 AKQ
You need points to double. What opener doesn't have, his partner might. No matter the strength of the notrump opening. We open 1NT 10-12 nonvulnerable. It's amazing how often LHO doubles on a crappy 12-count (stolen bid double?) and gets their partnership in a pickle.
2c over major as limit raise or GF with clubs
1. You hold invitational strength and discover a double fit in the majors. I would rather invite slam than pass the hand out. Passing the hand would be borderline {expletive deleted}. 2. 3 is of course game forcing.

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