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Oct. 12, 2015
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What Do You Play at First Trick?
Is this really the choice: singleton or King West? I do not think so. I can see some other possibilities. So, I my opinion the question is where is the King. If I believe it is East (50%) I play Ace and after clearing trumps I play spade from the ...
Tablets with a table feel
Large table, in the middle of it sort of a "column", wide enough so that you cannot see your partner. Another possibility, screens made of rotating blades (like window curtains, but vertical) so that you can see through only under certain angle.
Tablets with a table feel
This is about the suggestionthat to prevent cheating, top events are played with tablets with players in separate rooms. But perhaps there is no need for this, they could be together. Screen could be used so that a player can see the opponents, cannot see the partner.
Boycott, yes, but organised. A possibility: A player willing to attend a tournament, where XY are known to play, formulates a condition: I will, provided I do not have to play against XY, with 60% score for each in this round. This request is made public. Organisers are in trouble ...
I play in the tournament but cannot play against particular individuals, alergy causes sickness, so I have to skip this round. Doable?
A Robot Compromise
1. "you have to get lucky and depend on bot opponent defensive idiocies" - not unless defending robots have full information. Will they defend perfectly then? It would be interesting to see. 2. Min 10 points? Version: the side with a human has total no of points greater than the opposition ...
Reducing the Manipulation Factor in Robot Individuals
Yes, Gib pretends to not know the hands (it wishes to be fair). The code can be modified to create a version for practice. This is an option available in the Windows version of WbridgezNet
Reducing the Manipulation Factor in Robot Individuals
John: Declaring against two robots, who have full information would be a good practice. Alan: The IT people say that the defending robots consider many possible hands. Reduce this to one, the actual one.
Reducing the Manipulation Factor in Robot Individuals
It is simple. Let robots see each other hands during the play. They actually have access to that :-)
Cheating: an alternative approach
Consider this proposal seriously, April the second, today, just for fun: back to the old days, no screens and all that, free style, everything is allowed. So we begin with a system: a series of sophisticated gestures, shows our hands completely, full "precision", and of course explained to the opposition ...
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