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Linda Trent
Linda Trent
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Sept. 3, 2015
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16 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Being appointed to the National Goodwill Committee. Having a defence against Versace written up in the Verona world championship book.
Bridge Accomplishments
10 years editing National Appeals Books with Rich Colker, Serving on Competition and Convention Committee as BOG oversight member, Fluent in Bridge Laws, Ability to conduct Discplinary Committees,
Regular Bridge Partners
Brian Trent, Tom Dressing, Yas Takeda
Favorite Tournaments
NABC+ events and World Championships
Favorite Conventions
Forcing Stayman, Hyper agressive weak 2's
BBO Username
never have and never will play on line
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Brian Trent
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Copy of Brian Trent - w/Tom Edits
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Linda + Yas
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Motion: Bank Deduct Monthly Membership Dues
Yes - a date will have to be picked - a detail in set up of this method of payment. My Social Security doesn't hit my account until the 11th I also pay many bills directly out of my checking accounts. My Credit Card bills all seem to be due on ...
Motion: Bank Deduct Monthly Membership Dues
Richard - Would you be unhappy paying ACBL dues monthly out of your bank account like you pay other bills? Or do you still write monthly checks?
Motion: Bank Deduct Monthly Membership Dues
Steve: The whole point is to ELIMINATE an annual collection / committment. Everyone has a different expiration date. Unless you are agreeing that one full year dues would be a bank deduction. I guess you are just a no. The monthy deductions would be a “single” transaction on the first of ...
Motion: Bank Deduct Monthly Membership Dues
@Steve The motion is one sentence. You would vote against that? The underlying reasoning was included as my own thoughts for discussion - Commiting to “annualized” spread out of one years dues creates extra work for Staff. Just letting the clock run from day 1 lessens the Staff work. Of course ...
Motion: Bank Deduct Monthly Membership Dues
Adam - maybe “security” was a poor word choice. Main thought is I charge a bunch of stuff on my CC’s and use bank bill pay for monthly bills. Membership in this form would be for me a “monthly” bill and easy to see in my bank account. Sometimes I ...
Good idea for ACBL Protocol?
Yes - My BB1 students are taught that 3 Passes are required to end an auction? Only way I know how to pass is with a Green Card ON the Table. Happened in Philly - Opp’s bid to 4S - I was last pass and all bid cards were in the Bid ...
Good idea for ACBL Protocol?
Also - make your opening lead before you open your scorecard to write down the contract? If declarer plays fast - just leave your card face up on the table? Then put away bid cards. Sure would have helped in the NABC+ FAST PAIRS - I teach both of these concepts in Lesson ...
Open Philadelphia Discussion Thread
Aren’t many Europeans that are not “pros” expense assisted by their governments? Because of the so-called Olympic affiliation? Thus the COS was used and the EBL decision was invalid? ETC?
Open Philadelphia Discussion Thread
Nicolas That is why I am in favor of the TA system - but only if it is done correctly this time. Is there a new permanent Caddy Master since we lost Jackie? Imho - Kyle would be highly qualified for that position.
Say No To Cheats
Ed J You shall hear back this week - from both a small club and a larger club. Before I head to SD :-)

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