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Linda Trent
Linda Trent
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Member Since
Sept. 3, 2015
Last Seen
Jan. 17
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Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Being appointed to the National Goodwill Committee. Having a defence against Versace written up in the Verona world championship book.
Bridge Accomplishments
10 years editing National Appeals Books with Rich Colker, Serving on Competition and Convention Committee as BOG oversight member, Fluent in Bridge Laws, Ability to conduct Discplinary Committees,
Regular Bridge Partners
Brian Trent, Tom Dressing, Yas Takeda
Favorite Tournaments
NABC+ events and World Championships
Favorite Conventions
Forcing Stayman, Hyper agressive weak 2's
BBO Username
never have and never will play on line
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Brian Trent
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Copy of Brian Trent - w/Tom Edits
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Linda + Yas
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Stansby is 2018 Sportsman of the Year
Congratulations Lew!!! And I’m also going to include JoAnna in my well wishes !!!! Wonderful, wonderful! To everyone. I hope I hit all the “like buttons” !! And thanks Gary, Steve, and Jan - your comments stood out to me. I’m sure when I check back in a few days this ...
New Prime Number !
Thanks guys - I almost didn’t post it because it was non-related to bridge. And my post only has 1 like :-( . But I think bridge and math are connected so I sought comments! I don’t know if I can keep up with liking everything I am reading!!
New Prime Number !
Leonard - yes - I heard of it in first year college (in Michigan) in 1970. But by 72 we were flipping binary switches on a PDP 4? 8?. All binary. So I knew enough about assembly code I didn’t care about the details behind the binary system though it was ...
New Prime Number !
My first programming was flipping switches on a PDP-8 in 8 bit binary. Memory made us have to care. I stil have my original IBM PC. The one with the two 5 1/4” floppy discs. And it still works. I have my DOS 2.0 manual and Basic I ...
CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes
Peg - Of course you wouldn’t. And I agree - they should NOT BE THERE! Anybody who knows you knows you like respectful, grown-up conversations!
When will the WBF post details for Orlando?
Exactly right Debbie. You set a fine example that I try to emulate when at all possibe!
New Prime Number !
John - no problem. I suspected that was the case. But at least I read your article. Is the newest one 7,000 pages typed as you said before? How many pages are we up to two years later??? PS - I knit a lot and love patterns. Men are by far ...
New Prime Number !
Thank you John - great post - but I am not now sophisticated enough to have recognized what the post was about via the topic title. In 1975 I was a Senior in college and the big thrill was to etch on silicone! I was going to be a math major but ...
New Prime Number !
John Miller - please don’t pick on me. I hope that wasn’t your intention. I ran across something I found interesting and saught information here. I’m very sorry I missed your post as I would have found it very interesting. I am off to read it now!
New Prime Number !
David Burn - Yikes! I knew this was big - I am a EE and old and trying to keep up to date. I know it’s a pile of computers - I’m still fascinated and thank you for your update. I know I will learn more from this post. Are the ...

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