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Linda Trent
Linda Trent
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Sept. 3, 2015
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July 17
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Being appointed to the National Goodwill Committee. Having a defence against Versace written up in the Verona world championship book.
Bridge Accomplishments
10 years editing National Appeals Books with Rich Colker, Serving on Competition and Convention Committee as BOG oversight member, Fluent in Bridge Laws, Ability to conduct Discplinary Committees,
Regular Bridge Partners
Brian Trent, Tom Dressing, Yas Takeda
Favorite Tournaments
NABC+ events and World Championships
Favorite Conventions
Forcing Stayman, Hyper agressive weak 2's
BBO Username
never have and never will play on line
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Brian Trent
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Copy of Brian Trent - w/Tom Edits
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Linda + Yas
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My thoughts about how the ACBL should be structured.
Ken - STAC’s don’t go necessarily go away - Units would allocate Silver Point Sessions in this model the same way Districts would have freedom to allocate their Gold Point sessions.
John - Dummy can call the Director if 1. An irregularity occurs then 2. Another player calls attention to the irregularity and does not call the Director Hopefully I have paraphrased what you said. A pet peeve of mine when dummy is players that won’t release their cards onto the ...
How I would revise our NABC Tournaments
Ed - Gatlinburg is unique. Has surpassed several NABC table counts. I think the closest we come Regional wise in the West is possibly Palm Springs that has made it to about 3,000 tables. Since Gburg is so successful, it seems obvious what the players want- super inexpensive. A lot ...
How I would revise our NABC Tournaments
David - Which is EXACTLY why ACBL headquarters should have moved to Vegas (they could have gotten a nice piece of property at that time) when they left Memphis and decided on Horn Lake. Blame the BOD for that one. The local volunteers in Vegas are worn out - if headquarters was ...
How I would revise our NABC Tournaments
Sorry Ray - was my fault. Original article is back here - copy still in BOG Forum. I ninja hid the other comments so it is a fresh article in BOG.
OK - The “Ask Ed” question - can’t find the reference
Randy - still confused. A Club cannot suspend a player?? They can bar for cause but that only affects the Club. To bar a player, there is a process that includes a letter that iirc must also be sent to the ACBL. If the Club illegally suspended a player, then the ...
OK - The “Ask Ed” question - can’t find the reference
As I read it - There is no such thing as a “club suspension” A Club Manager can bar a player for may different reasons for any length of time. This barring is for that Club Manager’s entity only. Then your post mentioned Unit/District involvement. Was there a Disclipinary ...
Theoretical Claim Question
There is a precedent for this sort of situation (can dig up the published case if need be) Situation was declared held SA HAK. Spades were trump. There was one outstanding spade. Regional Case: Panel ruled declarer lost a trick as remaining cards could be played in any order. Panel ...
If there is an irregularity and attention has been called to it by another player, the dummy may call the TD.
Ed - “fixing to face” may have put the card in the played position. Then it is easy??

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