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Linda Marshall
Linda Marshall
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Basic Information

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July 31, 2011
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13 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I'm from the Washington, DC area.

I usually attend 2 or 3 NABCs per year.  I've reached the stage where I'm disappointed not to qualify for the second day (I often get to the second day) and pleasantly surprised to make the overalls.

I'm the president of my unit and a frequent bridge volunteer.

I'm an attorney.  My other hobbies are dancing, hiking, and knitting.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
I had a 60% session in platinum pairs once.
Favorite Conventions
Transfer responses to 1C, transfer lebensohl, xyz, flannery, reverse flannery, mini-splinters, kickback, Robinson (multi-landy), scrambling 2N
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
Linda Marshall and Monique Smith
Power Precision
Copy to my cards View/Print
Linda Marshall and Steve Schatzow
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Linda Marshall and Mary Tenenbaum
2/1 with transfer responses to 1!c
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Messy bridge 5.2 - Stupid system
I wouldn't have opened 1 with the north hand either.
YBTJ (and Jury?) - Regional Swiss Teams
Even though 1N isn't forcing, most pairs don't have a lot of natural bids other than raises. I think it's better to show your hand starting with the artificial jump shift to 3 and include partner in the decision.
[ACBL] Open Chart Allows These Bids?
Michael B, this bid is disallowed if it doesn't show average strength (first and second seats) too, even in segments of at least 6 boards. The two rules are separate grounds for disallowance. Passing one rule doesn't help with the other rule. I agree with Michael that 1 ...
[ACBL] Open Chart Allows These Bids?
It's not a fair point to say that everyone reviewing the rule missed this because it has a plain meaning (just not what the drafters intended). You can't expect everyone reviewing the rule to know what the drafters meant.
How do I leave a thread?
Click your name (upper right corner of the screen), then account settings, then uncheck anything you don't want email notifications for. You can turn off email notifications when anyone comments on a thread you've commented on that way. There's also a setting to just get daily emails ...
I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore
Is it completely clear that partner will read you as setting spades as trump in that sequence once you've shown diamonds (especially if partner bids 3 after 2)? Might partner not insist on taking you back to diamonds (which you would have to take as cue bidding ...
Ribbon events
A blue ribbon qualification is awarded for coming in first or second in a KO if at least one team in the bracket averages at least 2000 masterpoints.
Open Las Vegas Discussion Thread
No, it was later than that.
Open Las Vegas Discussion Thread
I asked for a room on a higher floor (and was given a room on the 38th floor) to avoid that kind of noise. But it's still a party hotel, and I had problems on several nights (and I was only there for 6 nights) with groups of people ...
Director Behavior for I/N Events at Nationals
The fair thing is to pull boards from the slow pair. What often happens is that the director doesn't do anything about the slow pair but bullies the next pair into playing fast pairs the whole time to catch up the room. And all of the habitually slow players ...

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