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Linda Marshall
Linda Marshall
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July 31, 2011
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8 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I'm from the Washington, DC area.

In the past few years I've started going to most NABCs.  I've reached the stage where I'm disappointed not to qualify for the second day (I often get to the second day) and pleasantly surprised to make the overalls.

I'm the vice president of my unit and a frequent bridge volunteer.

I'm an attorney.  My other hobbies are dancing, hiking, and knitting.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
I had a 60% session in platinum pairs once.
Favorite Conventions
Transfer responses to 1C, transfer lebensohl, xyz, flannery, reverse flannery, mini-splinters, kickback, Robinson (multi-landy), scrambling 2N
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Really bad or not
The results may be skewed by the absence of any option between "normal" and "bad" (so that anyone who wants to vote for something in between doesn't have an option).
How do you sort out this one?
It sounds to me like "runout to clubs" was an incomplete explanation and the redouble was really a puppet to 2 to play or with some other hand types (one of which was majors).
Right, if LHO is light enough to want to psych 1S then surely RHO has enough to double 1N.
Would you open 1NT with a void?
If allowed, I'd do it to fill a system hole. The minimum openers with short diamonds, fewer than 6 clubs, and no 5-card major are a problem playing nebulous club with transfers and weak NT, and it's preferable to open those 1N whenever allowed.
In which seat did opener bid 1S? It's stranger in second seat than it would be in third seat.
How do you sort out this one?
The east hand is consistent with one version of transfer runouts that I play. Redouble asks partner to bid 2C, which is either to play or the start of a sequence to show diamonds and a major or both majors with better hearts (so 1N-(dbl)-rdbl-(P)-2C-(P ...
Best use for artificial 2NT opening
In my one precision partnership, we play 2N as 5-5 minors weak when nonvulnerable and 5-5 minors intermediate when vulnerable.
The question is whether it's possible that partner's 3H is showing a nonminimum with 4 spades (in which case 4S is a LA and you might be forced to bid 4S). This is only possible if the 1S opener is a psych.
It depends on whether you're going to assume that north psyched the 1S opener. If you assume that north has 5 spades for his second seat opener, then 3H must show a bidding misunderstanding because there are only 13 spades in the deck. If you assume that north has ...
Break from the US Open Trials: Report on a Junior's first tournament hand!
Winning the ace is the deceptive play at a suit contract but winning the king is more likely to get RHO to continue the suit when he gets in (if that's what you want) at notrump. You can hold up an ace but you usually can't hold up ...

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