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1S or 2C? Which one is more common in experts?
Hi Michael, Thanks for your comments. What if the spade is like 5432? Would you chose to bid 1s as well? something like: Opener bid 1H, and the responder holds: S7432, HK9, D1087, CAKQ2;
What should the responder bid? 1S or 2C?
Bidding problem is a poll, and usually no comments people would post. I created this article as I would like a discussion on this topic rather than just poll. I hope you understand...
4H or 6D? How to reach it?
Thanks Gary. :)
4H or 6D? How to reach it?
If North didn’t bid 4H right after 1NT, but bid 4H after 3D, can it be regarded as fit showing jump here? I am not only focusing on this specific hands, but more general.
In The Well: David Berkowitz
Thank you very much David!
In The Well: David Berkowitz
Hi David, What do you think the most important factor which helps one to be a world class bridge player? Smartness? Practice? Or having a good mentor? Thanks.
4H or 6D? How to reach it?
What if Biding 4H here? Can it used to show 6 cards of heart and a diamond fit? (Assuming there is no kickback in the system)
4H or 6D? How to reach it?
I see. Thanks for this clarification John.
4H or 6D? How to reach it?
My apologies John. I meant what if North bid 4H after South’s 3D. What is that 4H mean? I had this question because you mentioned 4H after 3D. Perhaps I did follow you as my English was not good enough.
4H or 6D? How to reach it?
Hi John, Thanks for your comments. If South bid 4H after 3D. Does the 4H mean something special?

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