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Liam Milne
Liam Milne
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April 2, 2013
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17 hours ago
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Bridge Pro
about me

Bridge professional and Australian open-level international.

Nothing is better than winning in the big game with friends.


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Favorite Bridge Memory
winning NZ Pairs by one matchpoint (2012)
Bridge Accomplishments
Australian Grand National Teams 2017/2016, Gold Coast Open Teams 2017/2012, Australian Open Trials 2015, (9th) World Pairs 2014, Australian National Open Teams 2014
Regular Bridge Partners
Nye Griffiths
Favorite Conventions
mini 1NT, woodie
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Board 11, 12th March
Yes, they are two suited and are bidding on the strength of their trump for while you have all the points - classic time for a trump lead. See the Pellegrini table from the bowl matches.
BOARD 3 12th MARCH 2019
1NT isn't for me. I can't see many reasons to upgrade this one and would treat it as a normal 14 rather than a good 14.
brd 3, March 5th Egypt v Norway
Very, very worthwhile in my view. The results against the robots don't mean much. And playing against another pair is a good way to foster some competitive spirit ;)
Liam Milne's lead problem: KQT93 T7642 3 52
I led a diamond, as did the other two chumps holding my cards defending the same contract. Dummy's shape was 2=1=6=4, partner had the AK and K over the A. Declarer won the lead and correctly played ace and another trump before claiming. K sets up ...
Board 6 March 5 Egypt v Norway
Correction: Andy Hung is a strong believer in opening all 11s :)
brd 3, March 5th Egypt v Norway
I would be tempted to preempt 3 with the North hand
John McAllister's bidding problem: AKJT Jx Axxxx AK
Feels like partner is psyching on the way to 5...
Board 12, Egypt v Norway. March 5th (on behalf of Susan/Jess)
My personal view on the hand was that I would have bid 4 as North, overbidding a little to emhphasise the majors, and would have doubled 5 as South on the given auction. Take the money rather than guessing and risking a disaster. If I was going to ...
Board 1 March 5 Egypt vs Norway
Hi Lori. Both minors is a very difficult combination to handle after a 2C opening. I think North's hand is strong enough on playing strength but not the most practical choice - for me it would be a 1D opening, planning on following up with 3C then possibly 4C, showing ...
Brd 14 Egypt v. Norway Tuesday 5th March
My issue with 3 is that it often makes it harder for the partnership to find a 5-3 major fit if responder has an extra card in their suit. Responder doesn't always give chance an opener to show possible three-card support because of how much more frequent a ...

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