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Jacoby 2NT?
Michael: Thanks, this is sensible to me. Many who play Drury only rebid 2M with subminimums, e.g. Balanced 11s and less, and bid 2D for all "full openers" including balanced 12s and bad 13s. Your version sounds like you would include these minimum-minimums in with the weaker hands bidding ...
Jacoby 2NT?
Michael: This is very informative and illuminating. Updated to appropriate section. (With difficulty, not savvy in tech)
Jacoby 2NT?
Michael: This is very informative and illuminating, thanks. Could you please inform as to how you differentiate between passed hand Drury raises of 8-9/10 (constructive raise by UPH) and the more classical 10+/11+ Drury raise. I agree that you need the 2D space for "room" to be able ...
How high will you go? Trivia II
I scored zero. But googled it afterwards. 1916 for mile high club??? Seriously???
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: AJ AKJ9632 --- KQT9
And if 1H is not passed out, aren't you ahead of the game, i.e. Haven't you "won" the auction?
Jacoby 2NT?
You could cue 4H after showing a long strong suit with a big fit. I've always preferred showing a long strong source of tricks to a splinter when making a major suit raise.
Jacoby 2NT?
Michael: I surmise from your comments that you prefer 1-way Drury to 2-way. Is this because you prefer to keep 2D as natural or because you prefer not to give opponents more information, or both, or other. I have no strong opinions in either direction, playing it either way at ...
Jacoby 2NT?
What about fit showing with diamonds vs. invit with diamonds? You've managed to split the club bids. Is there something to be done for diamonds as well or do we choose which is best for a passed hand 3D? (I've always liked FSJs)
Jacoby 2NT?
Natural but a good 11 or for us stuffy types the very poor 12 you couldn't bring yourself to open. Otherwise, something artificial as Mr. Donn suggested.
What is your plan?
To All: Thanks for voting. Apparently the consensus is its a 3 1/4 heart bid, modally for an invite but much more for a game than signoff. I initially didn't specify form of scoring, which was matchpoints, so a few might be a tad more conservative than if ...

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