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Leonard Helfgott
Leonard Helfgott
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Aug. 20, 2015
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Winning a 1981 Sectional against strong LMs for Intermediate Player of the Year---back in the day!
Regular Bridge Partners
Burrell Humphreys, Irwin Miller, Sue Fulton, Alex Salpeter, Ed Landau, Peter Stein,
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Sapphire Life Master
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FRIEDLAND Disqualified From Reynolds Spring KO
Agree with Bob and Joann, but in my total ignorance can somebody please explain what “self kibitzing” even is?
Cheating on BBO
And if you are certain that declarer is the one with both A and K with a sure 9 card fit, and that declarer would normally play For 2-2 drop, it is the RIGHT lead. But it does take a lot of cohones to try it!
Do you open either of these hands?
David Caprera: That is absolutely the BEST response in this article.
Do you open either of these hands?
Craig: The counterargument to reducing 2C then 2NT to only 22-23 is that:1) sometimes 24hcp is insufficient for the absolute gameforce that Kokish/birthright demands, so including the rare 24hcp may gain rather than lose and2) Kokish/birthright sequences can get tricky when you have a true 2suiter (H ...
Statistics on trumps splits in BBO
Andre: That would be a 3X2. Table and if I recall the degrees of freedom would be (3-1)*(2-1) or 2, not 1. Using df=2 we get a score about equal to the same 5% level. (For 5% table has 5.99 vs. your 6.01). Again, I don ...
Keith Connolly's bidding problem: AK765 --- Q6 AKQ862
Played this today. They bid 6S and claimed a cold 13T at T1. Coldest slam ever, we lost 5 IMPS In weak speedball event.
Cheating on BBO
You’ve heard about people who lie “just to stay in practice.” Many People who cheat do so not for the monetary, glory or points rewards, its simply for the “kick” of getting away with it.
Pick your poison
Brett: Hardly a small monority position currently at 64:48. Does you fear of xx spades extend to eschewing 1NT with more classical hands, like xx AJx KJx AQxxx? I wouldnt think so, so you are applying the “Double Flaw” principle which I often advocate.:)
Statistics on trumps splits in BBO
Andre(and all others): I thinking looking only at the observed frequency of the 3-2 solits and performing a z-score is being shortsighted. The observed frequencies of 4-1 and 5-0 splits (Conbined) are completely dependent on the observed 3-2 split. So since they all add to 100%, a Chi-square test ...
Do you open either of these hands?
I think the first hand is a bit closer to a 1C bid than the latter for 2 reasons:1) 2.5QTs instead of 2QTs, and 2) passing and then bidding 3C (6+ inv) over partners 1S implies no fit in spades, encouraging a pass with a minimum misfit, so ...

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