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Leonard Helfgott
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Aug. 20, 2015
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Help with UDCA Discarding please-This Month's Bridge World
Thanks. This quote from the Bridge World website answers my question.
What does balancing mean?
Steve: That's one of the best and most concise definitions of a 4Th chair 2M opener I've ever seen. Many average club players do it with as much as 14, some forget and do it with 8-9, but 10 to an unimpressive 13 seems best to me.
Senior Quarterfinal Hand
Yes. My slip, but I would have opened 2H with actual hand
Senior Quarterfinal Hand
If we assume East would have opened 2H with AJT9xx missing one of the minor cards, it seems that doubleton diamond queen is more likely than stiff club king. Also, some might prefer 2H with stiff club king.
Andrzej Matuszewski's bidding problem: Q9854 QJ J754 85
The hand is clearly short on values for a double, but the shape is perfect---good doubleton as fallback and length in both pointed suits. Over 2D return to 2H, over other calls, pass.
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: K953 Q653 7 K943
I assume the 3C bidders are playing this as a "mixed raise". What if the infrequent partnership is not playing mixed raises? Without the club king this seems like a straightforward weak 3S bidst these colors (IMO). With the club king badly positioned, ...?
Notts To4: Uni v Goulash
2H red vs white in 2Nd seat with this suit and 5 hcp does not seem all right tome, albeit 6-4. You have to draw the line somewhere. If W vsR, ok. Imho:)
Bidding plan?
If you play McCabe at this level you might try 4C for the lead, promising diamond fit.
Scary Dummy
Since I was taught early on to preempt to the highest level I could afford in one bid, and then shut up, my style might be different than many. E.g., Playing CRASH I would bid 3D to show a shapely preemptive 2 suited of same ra (majors or minors ...
Scary Dummy
Kit: Thanks as always. If that dummy scared you I'm sure it scared the rest of us much more! Regarding a defense against strong club, I've always considered CRASH a smart innovation to show all 6 possible 2 suiters with 3 coded bids, with some loss of one ...

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