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Leonard Helfgott
Leonard Helfgott
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Aug. 20, 2015
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Winning a 1981 Sectional against strong LMs for Intermediate Player of the Year---back in the day!
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Burrell Humphreys, Irwin Miller, Sue Fulton, Alex Salpeter, Ed Landau, Peter Stein,
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Sapphire Life Master
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Wasn’t there an old (very old) bidding “rule” or guideline that a strong 2 had to have more quick tricks than losers? Reminds me a a hand from Queens, NY in 1974. Red vs White I hold — —JT9x KQJT9xxx. (4losers) of course I didn’t open 2C, I Opened ...
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: Q84 93 852 AT874
Richard: “Inexperienced science fair experiments”?! At these colors and matchpoints, I think it would be very common in many field to see a Michaels bid that Weak, and even if so that would mean a cold game for opponents so I doubt we’d see a “massacre” even with that ...
Rotaru and Nistor Win LM Pairs
Terrific! Well done! Seeing you guys in action in local NY/NJ tournaments, we knew it was just a matter of time!
Is there anything....
Mike: Why wouldn't it also apply for 6m? Try A AKQ AQJ109xxxx ---. Now look at expected score (Vulnerable) and compare it to the distribution. :)
Is there anything....
Steve: Of course. Reminds me of my SOUND preemptive 5C opening at unfavorable Vulnerability in 1974, --- --- J109x KQJ109xxxx.
Is there anything....
Richard: Thank you. It is remarkable to me how many local older, competent experienced players are unaware of this simple rule I recall from 1950s & 1960s texts. An opening bid of 6 requires raise to 7 with A or K of trumps and demands a pass with any other holding ...
Play at T1
Of course East will always continue with KQJ9x as he did. It’s lesser holdings that are relevant, like KQJxx. KQ98x, KQ9xx. The idea of playing Jack first to cater to this is interesting though I’ve never seen or heard of it—-I gather it promises the 9 and ...
Play at T1
Bernard: I don’t understand this. If you can deny the Jack by playing the 10, wouldn’t that “prevent” East from leading into AJ (Unless he was willing to anyway).
Play at T1
From East’s perspective declarer might have 12hcp instead of 14, leaving West with a red entry. From West’s perspective, declarer could have the Jack and informing partner of that could be critical(to avoid Bath Coup). And if West plays low and East works out to play low ...
ATB: -500 instead of +1010
South failing to bid SOMETHING is poor in my view, but how on Earth does North choose to rebid spades on 5 when Pass and 2H are available?

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