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Lars Andersson
Lars Andersson
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March 22, 2012
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3 hours ago
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about me

Pretty good!


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
World Championship silver medal with EvaLiss Göthe in first international championship. Outplaying Nickell with 48 imps in Lille. Reading Zias notes on me in Bermuda Bowl then winning with 72 imps over 14 boards (Martel-Stansby-Zia-Rosenberg). Partnering Hugh Ross with Sammy Kehela and Zia kibbitzing in Geneva 1990
Bridge Accomplishments
World, European and Scandinavian runnerup :( Manytime national Champion
Favorite Tournaments
European Championships
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ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Light Opening Canape Bids
I think you should google "Magic Diamond bridge"
In The Well: Chip Martel
Hi Chip. We only played one bermuda bowl match and I will not tell you who won. Anyway, a serious question! Being the best (IMHO) bridge amateur in modern times, could you expand your views on elite bridge players maintaning relatively demanding jobs? Are the days of great amateur players ...
Vanderbilt Round of 32 Vugraph matches
Leong-Zagorin of course. Totally unbiased opinion. Lall works too.
Selection Problems
David Burn. I reviewed the last 3 matches by the Senior team in the BBO archives. You apparently must have watched some other tables if your item (a) above included analysis of the play by the competitors. For the musically oriented I would now like to quote Billy Ocean: https ...
TD decision: I'm still scratching my head
Ian, it seems the name of your system was very well chosen.
TD decision: I'm still scratching my head
The problem with these percentage award rulings is that the "bad guys" can always act on the edge knowing the TD will restore a great percentage of their score. I don't know if this is how we desire the game to be played. IMHO the players should, like in ...
Board 8, Zimmermann Cup quarterfinal
Easy to see how Fantoni-Nunes fit in with Zimmerman-Multon. Both pairs makes me want to puke.
The Best Bridge Writer
I say like so many others Kelsey and Reese. There are other great books but for consistency and quality they stand out. My copy of "Test your communications" is very worn but I always come back to it when preparing. Eric Jannersten was a great writer with the help of ...
CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes
What makes you think the EBL cares about cheating?
CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes
My post here reflects my personal opinion. But I will make a deal with you. When Zimmerman and the other Monaco players apologizes for playing with F/N and give upp all titles and MP won with them, I will apologize here! Deal?

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