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Larry Sealy
Larry Sealy
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Basic Information

Member Since
Aug. 12, 2010
Last Seen
3 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
1st 2013 Fast Pairs, 2nd 2013 Wernher Open Pairs, WBF World Master
Regular Bridge Partners
Jim Foster, Jim Munday, Bryan Howard
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Huntsville, AL
Favorite Tournaments
Nationals, World Championships
Favorite Conventions
Kickback, XYZ, Good-Bad 2N (yes a bad name), Power 2N after 1M-1N, Intermediate Jump Overcalls at 3-Level when Vul, Mixed Raises (whenever possible).
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Larry Sealy's bidding problem: QT983 83 AJ987 9
I'm sure the odds of that are high.
Larry Sealy's bidding problem: QT983 83 AJ987 9
I'm surprised that (opposed a passed hand) there are no votes for 1 - the suit you would prefer led.
When your tires are flat
While lighting up like a neon sign.
Rowland Reeves's bidding problem: 7 A9753 842 A974
2 forcing 2N, then 3 to show an unbalance invite with 5 and 4+.
Does Anybody Play This Any More
This is called Positive Slam Dbl, IIRC. My grandmother like to play Negative Slam Dbl. I've never restricted myself to cookie cutter type calls.
Assign the Blame -- -530
Plenty of blame to go around on the defense, but the first mistake was North's pass of 3X with (as previously stated) Qxxx of partner's suit, one trump trick (the ace), and a stiff. That is not my idea of a penalty pass. I always give more ...
Barry Dehlin's bidding problem: KJ53 AT2 AKQT74 ---
3 really should be short s, so partner can evaluate his hand properly.
Larry Sealy's bidding problem: AK96 QJ875 KT32 ---
I said I don't like to REOPEN AT THE 1-LEVEL with a void, not "no t/o doubles with a void." Reopening doubles are much more likely to be left in than direct TO doubles. And higher level doubles are not as risky. Imagine your partner passing with 5 ...
Larry Sealy's bidding problem: AK96 QJ875 KT32 ---
This was the companion hand to this one: It was a club game. I was given this hand as a problem and reluctantly doubled. I don't like to reopen with Dbl at the 1-level with a void, but did when asked about this ...
Larry Sealy's bidding problem: AK96 QJ875 KT32 ---
A 1NT advance to 2?

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