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Kurt Schneider
Kurt Schneider
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July 19, 2012
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9 minutes ago
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about me

Canadian living in NH

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Bidding and making 6CX with 10 combined HCP against perfect defense.
Favorite Conventions
Anything involving canapé
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Bronze Life Master
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Karel de Raeymaeker's bidding problem: x Txx AQJ98xx Kx
"The prospects for game are far too good to bid either two or three diamonds." Game in diamonds only. Just like a pre-empt. Partner is going to expect more defense once the opponents come in - and they will over a simple 1 opening. This hand occupies the 'Goldilocks' of ...
Worthwhile Gamble
Also - do you always push to the 3level with a potential 8card fit?
Worthwhile Gamble
Sorry I edited my response before I saw your comments. Does my adjusted hand make more sense as a 2 response?
Worthwhile Gamble
As I understand it, you must pass over a 4th seat 2N call (or any call I gather), consequently putting responder to a guess as to which suit opener has when the auction returns to him/her. Since you are likely to open 2 with a 5card suit NV ...
Worthwhile Gamble
It seems to me that the 2N overcall can cause significant trouble for the multi (NV anyway) based on the bidding rules you play. North could easily have had 5hearts and a doubleton spade, giving East a 2S multi and EW a 9card fit. This would suggest that a 4th ...
Karel de Raeymaeker's bidding problem: x Txx AQJ98xx Kx
I open light, but now quite this light. However, as long as your partner realizes that you can have this extreme ODR in an opening hand, then 3 it is. This is not quite an opening hand for me, so I'm passing. Change the CK to CA, then ...
Paul Hightower's lead problem: KJ984 85 A6 A876
Why would I attempt to establish the spade suit? No time...
Karel de Raeymaeker's bidding problem: x Txx AQJ98xx Kx
Pass - if partner can balance with a double, then 5. 3 shows a better defensive hand.
Paul Hightower's bidding problem: 4 K8632 J86 AJT5
"Yes. So does pass." You expect to find partner's 3-card heart suit by passing? So when the auction goes 1-2-P-3 what are your options now? You have 5 hearts, you have an invitational hand - why are we not bidding 2? Partner might bid 2 ...
Karel de Raeymaeker's bidding problem: K5 3 AJ8642 K982
Taking the plus score. One trick in each offsuit... A trump lead against our 5 could be a killer.
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