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Kit Woolsey
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July 29, 2010
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Kit Woolsey is a world-class bridge and backgammon player, analyst, and writer. His most recent major victory was winning the Cavendish Invitational Pairs in 2011. He was elected to the ACBL Hall of Fame in 2005 and lives in Kensington, CA.

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Kit - Sally
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how do you bid these hands?
This sort of problem illustrates why playing new suits non-forcing opposite 2-level overcalls is a questionable approach.
Is there a sound mathematical basis for this?
David, I agree that if declarer takes one of the finesses and it loses, then the second finesse is about 50%. However, suppose declarer takes one of the finesses and it wins -- say declarer plays the 10 and it holds (I'm assuming that East will always duck if he ...
Guess the par score
Taking the concept of winning the race to bid notrump to the ultimate extreme.
Smolen over 2NT
Obviously partner will be expecting 3-card support when you bid 3. You can do it on your example hand if you so choose, of course. Normally you will bid 3 with 3 spades (unless you are willing to play 3NT even though you have a 5-3 spade fit ...
Is there a sound mathematical basis for this?
Bart, I do not believe your 3 ace problem is equivalent to the actual problem for the following reason: In your 3 ace problem, if West has 2 aces he is presumably equally likely to lead either of them. However, in the actual problem, if West has KQ of clubs ...
YBTD after slow double
I don't agree. He might have: Minimal 4-5-2-2 and be wondering whether or not to reopen. Some 4-6-2-1, and be choosing between 3H and double. Some 4-5-0-4, and be wondering whether or not to risk a penalty pass.
Is there a sound mathematical basis for this?
Let's look at the first question, where RHO is known to have at least one of ace of hearts or king of spades. We will ignore stuff like vacant spaces, which complicate the issue and won't have too much of an effect on the result. If you need ...
Do you adjust?
If I held the South hand, passing out 4 would not be on my radar. I do not think it is a LA. A poll might answer that question. The problem is that it would be very obvious to the person polled what the issue is, which might influence ...
YBTD after slow double
I can think of several hand types where West might have a problem. If I were East and were permitted to take advantage of the UI, I would have no idea what action is right. I don't see that the UI suggests any particular action.
Suit combination: QJ8x opposite A7xxx
Andy properly demonstrates the best procedure for working out this and other card combinations.

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