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Kirsten Rita Arnesen
Kirsten Rita Arnesen
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Basic Information

Member Since
July 28, 2010
Last Seen
Aug. 16
Member Type
Bridge Player

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
European Championships 1977
Bridge Accomplishments
Representing Norway, Norwegian Champs mix pairs: Silver medal 2002 and Bronze mix teams 2004
Regular Bridge Partners
Ex-p mix: Jon Sveindal - Ladies: Gerd Hantveit. In Bulgaria.: Ilko Popov
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Bergen Akademisk BC - BCC Radkov, Haskovo, Bulgaria
Favorite Tournaments
Always Teams (lately Carlsberg Cup) - Yet Varna Int. Festival, MIX PAIRS 2015 with Niki Yaninski Bulgarian Jr was super
Favorite Conventions
Natural - prefer 4card M /part Efos NT
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
DIAMOND Wins Spingold
Truly impressive, but remember Boye absolutely HATES losing, as he confirmed in the TV2 documentary "the Whistler" - and is a greast Cheerleader too.
IRS of NORWAY is on bridge pros!
I am certain that you all can "Keep calm - play on" !!
IRS of NORWAY is on bridge pros!
To Shawn: I didn't point out that as The Tax Offices are Public places, and as such anyone - litterally anyone including you, can enter the office during the 3 weeks that Tax lists for previous year are displayed in allcounties, and look up local lists. The 3 weeks starts ...
IRS of NORWAY is on bridge pros!
To Shawn and David: the article on Transparancy of Norwegian Tax-returns in "The Guardian" is From 2014, and has an incomplete info, a most peculiar one. For instance: I want to look up NN's income/estate/tax paid in my Bergen municipality. I can either go to Bergen Tax ...
IRS of NORWAY is on bridge pros!
You are quite correct Nedju. HH HAD to become citizens of Monaco, and have emigrated from Norway. They cannot own a house nor flat in Norway, only small cottage in the country according to law. Also they must stay outside Norway for more than 6++ months. Our Inland revenue are ...
Hampton and Marshall Win Silver Ribbon Pairs
Well done Sheriff :)
Punish un-convicted team members?
In another context: God's hand move slowly - so does WBF. Nearly ALL Seniors are previous Open Class players i EBL or BB Events. Just look at
EOC case in Orlando - view from the peanut gallery
Collusive: adjective 1. = involving collusion; fraudulently contrived by agreement: e.g.: a collusive agreement to increase prices.
What Happened to the Post About the Falsified Swiss Match Result?
There is a particular VITAL info that you Mr Yates & Ms Hyatt evidently are not aware of. Helgemo & Helness had told Norways Fed in 2008, I believe after Vanderbilt - that they were going to play for Mr. Zimmermann. They emigrated to Monaco in order to comply with WBF rules of ...
Punish un-convicted team members?
For no reason whatever - I just had the impression that implisit in Your comment to MM, ".. believe that what we need is a collaborative system..." lies a wish for Openness & International Cooperation of a Database where NBOs could report their Penalties on named members. As a member of IBPA, through ...

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