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Kevin Rosenberg
Kevin Rosenberg
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Feb. 23, 2012
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about me

Cupertino California, son of Debbie and Michael Rosenberg, "aspiring" bridge player who plays too much on BBO without learning a lot probably

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I disagree that 5s is ridiculous, or even necessarily wrong. E has a void, so E bid
Collegiate Spring Online Tournament Results
i dont know peg, it's been pretty chilly hear in Berkeley - I'm sure it's comparable :)
Collegiate Spring Online Tournament Results
I think we tied with you for third. Any idea what happens now? :)
how many spades?
I thought about it some more, and I think you might be right that its better to go for option 1. Still, I am not defending 6D under any circumstances though.
how many spades?
I think there are two main approaches here (assuming partner will have 6 spades - if partner often only has 5 spades then I might think differently). 1. bid 4S and try to defend 5D 2. bid 4S and keep bidding spades up until 6S I think 6S is unlikely to ...
!S Jx !H AKxx !D AKxxx !C xx
the 1st and 2nd hands are possible, but I really haven't seen 11 cards very often in practice.
Poaching Jon Green's Post regarding the Common Game of 2/12
How is b3 close? Couldn't the doubles just have a 17 or 18 point hand with 3 card support. Over 2d, 2h is nf, no? And surely advanced will bid 2h with 5 hearts and 0 - 3 points or so
Common Game Tuesday 12 February Deal 14
If you switch the 5 and 6 of clubs so declarer couldn't unblock them, then I believe E is not irrelevant. If E could keep a third spade, then a spade to the king would not work because W could return a spade setting up a trick for E ...
Nabil Edgtton's bidding problem: x KTx KTxxx JTxx
pass, removing partner's next double to 4N
Strong Hand
I chose 2C then 3C, but ok with 1C if it is stylistically agreed / feasible
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