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Kevin Rosenberg
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Feb. 23, 2012
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Cupertino California, son of Debbie and Michael Rosenberg, "aspiring" bridge player who plays too much on BBO without learning a lot probably

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Li-Chung Chen's bidding problem: AQ8 KQ983 --- AQ984
I have a slam bid, and a grand slam is impossible I think. I'd bid 4nt and bid a slam when partner shows 1. I don't love 2h, but I understand it. Double is an option. Prefer 2h to 4c by a little I think
ATB - too high and wrong strain (if there is one)
Debatably every bid besides 2s was an issue, but 3nt was by far the worst
ATB - Matchpoints, grand played in second best game
Both seem somewhat at fault, though south made the first and bigger mistake in bidding 4d (assuming it's weakest action) over the x of 4c. Without the double, south would want to do something more than 4d but has a tough bid. With the double, South can probably pass ...
A bad start
This is totally wrong. Behind screens it is recommended to pass the tray before asking questions that won't impact your bid.
Who is to blame for this disaster
3d is a totally different kind of bad bid than the others. So while S didn't bid perfectly, N gets all the blame
ATB Missed Game
West must take a call. East took the low road. 2n is probably smarter, and 3c is fine, but 2c is also a reasonable bid. This is really all on west
Bridge is Sixty Percent Bidding?
I agree that is probably what Garozzo meant, but I felt it was important to make the distinction. If that is what Garozzo meant, I personally don't think it's true (more weight should be given to the play imo)
ATB Precision auction at Matchpoints
I think South should open probably, but I find pass of 2s pretty normal. I mean North had this and game still could go off. North should have bid more since they need so little for game. 3s seems right. I don't like opening anything but 1s
Bridge is Sixty Percent Bidding?
It seems to me that people are claiming that there's more randomness in the bidding, which is why they tend to include the high level card play caveat. Either that, or that it's harder to become a proficient bidder. The second claim might be true I suppose, but ...
ATB - Missed slam
Mostly North since they have a decent play opposite KQxxxx of spades, I don't see how they can pass a slam try. South might have made the stronger move of 4h, but since Mikael says they couldn't, I don't fault them too much for not bidding above ...
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