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Kevin Rosenberg
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Feb. 23, 2012
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Cupertino California, son of Debbie and Michael Rosenberg, "aspiring" bridge player who plays too much on BBO without learning a lot probably

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Ruling: Unsolicited play by dummy on the twelfth trick
I think some unsolicited cards should never be allowed to be corrected regardless of the speed. Also, unsolicited cards to the right play should nearly always be penalized. This isn't likely to be either of those cases. If the correction was before E showed their card, then I'd ...
Extract the maximum
I'm assuming this is Australia. Having been here for 4-5 months, I can attest that is not a possible hand even for the conservative players probably.
Extract the maximum
good catch. Though as I said, and Richard implied with his AQJxx comment, hands with the JH and KC are somewhat unlikely for declarer.
Extract the maximum
i put declarer on a 5323 or maybe 5422 (since I would assume partner doesn't have 4 hearts b/c of 2s p/c?). In either case, they probably have a useful pitch, and in either case, I should probably try hearts, either to cash the suit or get ...
What is this Double?
I disagree with dad here. What you're saying is that in effect, Brad's agreement is best in practice, therefore it's ideal. "Ideal in practice" is more or less an oxymoron, since in an ideal case, we could have extensive agreements without any struggles to remember or interpret ...
Warning: Viewer Discretion
why do you think EW have such an agreement?
"Playing Up" - An open letter to Jay Whipple
Terry, I think this misses the point, which is to avoid situations where a team is stuck in a bracket where they don't belong. First of all, I did mention that I was mostly wasn't talking about bigger regionals. Second, even in the cases where there really are ...
"Playing Up" - An open letter to Jay Whipple
I seriously don't see why people can't just play up to any bracket they want. I don't mind some 3 ways in the first or second round if it means solving this problem. For bigger regionals, if more than 16 teams want to play in a bracket ...
Selena Pepić's bidding problem: K765 87 Q3 A9864
my hand is worth an invite. We should have a fit in spades. Other option is 3C hoping to be able to bid 3S next.
My first ATB
I think any number of reasonable auctions, including this one, might end in 3c. No real blame, and as others point out 5c isn't cold. 3N probably better. I do think 3C shows an offensive minimum. I don't see this as such a bad description of the west ...
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