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Kevin Cline
Kevin Cline
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March 20, 2011
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Aug. 23
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Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Hamman saying "Squashed like a bug" after I squeezed him for an overtrick
Bridge Accomplishments
Won Flt A Swiss Dallas Regional 2010 with Michael Heymann, John Zilic, and Jeff Juster
Favorite Conventions
Two-way checkback stayman
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
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Jeff Ford's bidding problem: AT QJ73 865 9876
Good point Jeff. With another queen this is a PH limit raise. 3H could be quite weak so 3 is probably the best description.
ACBL surcharge at tournaments good or bad?
If you can't afford outings, you can't afford outings. That's unfortunate, but it doesn't change the cost of running a bridge tournament, or running the ACBL. Bridge is pretty inexpensive -- about the cost of three beers (or two here in Seattle).
ACBL surcharge at tournaments good or bad?
Apples to Oranges comparison. The activities you listed don't require indoor space or staffing.
ACBL surcharge at tournaments good or bad?
What else can you do for $5.50/hour?
ACBL surcharge at tournaments good or bad?
Why are bridge players so $#@%#$@%! cheap? Sectional or regional bridge tournament play is inexpensive compared to any other form of entertainment. Bowling? Mini-golf? Shooting pool? Seeing a movie? Poker tournament? All cost more per hour than a session of bridge.The days of $100 hotel rooms and $5 entry fees ...
Thanks, Fred Gitelman
Thank you for providing many happy hours!
Scoring in Bridge
The number of tricks needed for game in contract bridge was not a singular design of Vanderbilt's. It's just a simplification of auction bridge scoring, where clubs scored 6, diamonds 7, hearts 8, spades 9, no trump 10, and thirty points were required for game.
Scoring in Bridge
I thought it was Marty Bergen.
Scoring in Bridge
Meh. I see no reason why duplicate scoring should reward the same actions that are best at rubber bridge. No matter what the form of scoring, it is up to the players to maximize their expectation with each action. It's of no importance that different actions may be required ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: AT QJ73 865 9876
I count this hand as about 2-1/2 cover cards: SA, HQ about 1/2, plus possible spade ruff, but only one trick on defense. The HJ would be more valuable in any other suit, so this hand has only 6 working HCP. Not enough defense for a mixed raise ...

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