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Kevin Cline
Kevin Cline
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March 20, 2011
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12 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Hamman saying "Squashed like a bug" after I squeezed him for an overtrick
Bridge Accomplishments
Won Flt A Swiss Dallas Regional 2010 with Michael Heymann, John Zilic, and Jeff Juster
Favorite Conventions
Two-way checkback stayman
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
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Bridge Rating Study - Follow Up
Cliff, I have to disagree. I've studied data analysis enough to believe strongly that it is possible to extract individual strength from enough pair results assuming that people at least occasionally play with other partners. If Dick and Jane always play together and never with anyone else then they ...
Kevin Cline's bidding problem: 3 AKJ842 A6 T865
I posted this because I talked myself into passing +100 losing to 3=
No Alert
No adjustment because East has 11, South opened, and West made a 2/1 overcall. That doesn't leave much for North. What is East imagining West had for the overcall? 5 is a gross underbid and appealing due to supposed MI seems to me like taking a double ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: T873 --- AQJT9765 A
And after the game, we (some of us) get beer!
Implicit private understanding?
@Ron It is legal on the open chart under Overcalls 2.d. It shows at least 5-4 in two suits, at least one of which is known. Specifically a four card major and a longer minor, both previously unbid. Of course an alert is required.
Implicit private understanding?
There's no mention of HCP minimum or maximum for a "forcing" announcement. The regulation seems to preclude an alert just because responder may have a hand that is syronger than invitational.
Implicit private understanding?
@Ed: That regulation seems clear. An unlimited forcing NT is announced, not alerted. It's alerted if it promises some particular distribution or minimum strength above the normal minimum.
Implicit private understanding?
@Barry, I'm wondering if your club allows pairs to play anything besides five card majors with a strong NT? The pair that is upset because someone overcalled 1NT without a stopper isn't going to be too happy defending against 10-12HCP NT, or seeing that an opponent playing a ...
Implicit private understanding?
People become upset when their expectations are unmet, particularly expectations of fairness. Teachers and club owners should set reasonable expectations for new players. The new players should not expect that every pair will bid as they have been taught, or that every bid that is not alerted will be the ...
Implicit private understanding?
Paul, what other common calls that may be unfamiliar to new players would you also alert? 1C 1D — alert ? tends to deny a four card major, may be only three cards 1C 1S 2D — alert ? Could be a three card suit 1C 1D 1NT — alert ? Could have a four card ...

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