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June 24, 2015
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Teacher/Director/Professional Bridge Player. Almost always, the answer to bridge theory problems is transfers.

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Why does Harvard hate bridge?
I don't get it. Don't they realize that they are in danger of losing their club entirely?
Why does Harvard hate bridge?
Jonathan - I take it that the CGC was unwilling to hand over control of the CGC to you and the bridgers?
Follow-ups when opponents bids a major over a stayman bid
Partner could have 3 small hearts. Anyway, if your agreement is double is penalty then double is penalty. Our general agreement is that the first double is takeout unless it's a forcing pass situation. Here for us, it is not.
Follow-ups when opponents bids a major over a stayman bid
Well for one, 2 dosen’t promise any values. Double as takeout is much more flexible. What’s double in the following auction: 1nt - (p) - p - (2) x
Follow-ups when opponents bids a major over a stayman bid
There’s no conventional wisdom that I can find anywhere. In that case, go back to your general agreements. Mine would be: x is takeout, 2 is 5 spades and pass is neutral or a trap. Alternatively, you could use your general agreements after 2 gets doubled: pass ...
What are your pet peeves?
Ed - Then you should double 3nt so that you don't take advantage of partner's unauthorized information! And teach partner a lesson!
Why does Harvard hate bridge?
I know some players that play for Harvard (Ulumni) in inter-club competition (NYC private clubs). Private message me your contact info and I'll put you in touch with them. I'm sure they would want to help.
As a director, one should go out of his way to protect the non-offender's side. Sorry, I mean the non-director's side. Making 2. Note the strong desire to trump in the dummy even though dummy is the long trump hand. Even players that know better fall into this ...
Follow ups to 2NT overcall of weak 2
Re: "I'm very wary of any system here which doesn't have 3NT as to play." One gets used to it. After you mess it up a few times, you learn to remember it. And giving the opponents opponents a chance to make a killing lead directing double comes ...
Follow ups to 2NT overcall of weak 2
Craig - Is that Cable Cards Puppet Stayman? ;)

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