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Kerry Kappell
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June 24, 2015
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NYC Teacher/Director/Professional Bridge Player. Almost always, the answer to bridge theory problems is transfers.

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2NT and puppet stayman
Did someone say, [url=]”Blabbermouth?”[/url] — Handy reference for enhancing BW comments: [url=]BBCode guide[/url]
Best play for 6NT
David, you give up very little by playing diamond for 4 tricks first by, as you said, running the jack.
Junk Stayman with 4-4 Majors
Ken — Mea culpa! Kudos to the wise decision by the partnership.
Garbage Stayman
John — AFAIK, Stayman was designed to find 4-4 and 5-3 fits so that: 1nt - 2c 2d - 2h/2s = inv. 4-5 & inv. 5-4. Chris — If after 1nt - 2c; 2d - 2M is to play then opener wouldn’t correct to 2nt with a doubleton. The Truscott stuff is rather unique and never really took off but I’m ...
Junk Stayman with 4-4 Majors
I think partner should have bid 2h over your 2d typically showing a weak hand with both majors. There are 2 ways to play this: a) opener passes with equal length in the majors and b) opener corrects to 2s with equal length in the majors If you play (a ...
Junk Stayman with 4-4 Majors
A simulation concluded that Scrambling/Crawling Stayman at almost all less than invitational points: — And then there’s Truscott Scrambling Stayman as Ed eluded to above: “If, after One No Trump—Two Clubs, responder's second bid is Two of a major, he ...
Garbage Stayman
Chris S — The scramble rules are laid out in the two articles liked above: “If, after One No Trump—Two Clubs, responder's second bid is Two of a major, he should be assumed to have a 4-card suit. The opener then must not pass if he has only a ...
A specific hcp count - how often?
13-16 may be a challenging range to deal with but it’s even harder to defend against. And with exactly half weak (13-14) and half strong (15-16), opponents won’t even know how to deal with it. There are many ways to deal with the wide range: range ask Stayman ...
UI or not?
DC - As one of my favorite bridge theoriticians, please don’t hold back: What are your 7 exceptions? (And it if wasn’t me, someone else would have asked.)
UI or not?
On the other hand, when you are already getting a zero, a natural redouble as a bluff is 100% free.

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