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Kenton Schoen
Kenton Schoen
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Jan. 29, 2017
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about me

Started with friends in High School.  Started duplicate the year I graduated.  Always loved the different logical, tactical and psychological problems that come up at the bridge table.  

United States of America

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Favorite Conventions
Well, I could give you a long list of least favorite conventions.
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Bad Claim Case from San Francisco
In many ways we do. Only the lesser sentence is in the offer of a plea bargain.
How do you view this ruling?
I would want to know a lot more about their system before ruling. It looks to me that their best lead is a heart, which could be indicated if 2H only promised 5 and South's auction strongly suggested an unbalanced hand, among many other systemic possibilities. Were all those ...
What is the proper announcement?
I think that 15 to a bad 18 is sufficient for the announcement, but "bad 18 means 4-3-3-3," should be said without being asked before the opening lead. Pairs who play, "the playing equivalent of 15-17", and more often than rarely upgrade or downgrade, should announce, "14+-18-".
Is this X takeout or penalty?
Takeout of Spades, showing some strength, some of that in their minor and inviting a penalty pass if partner has sufficient strength and good enough spades. We had the auction 1C P 1S P 1NT X P P P, just last Saturday. We had 22 hcp between us. With better ...
Alerts when gray: a specific siutational poll
The question comes down to, does having an agreement to play Jacoby and Texas transfers, strongly enough imply that you would bid Spades with a transfer, and therefore that 3S is likely not Spades? I think it does and would alert. The implicit agreement comes from the fact that this ...
When you play xyz
Paul; grandma, eggs.
When you play xyz
Both, especially the first are dependent on your agreements re Walsh. In the first partner could have 4 S's, in the second she cannot have 4 H's.
Declarer play problem
For them not to be making 4S, we need D's to be 3-2 and H's to be 4-3. The 3S bid without shortness strongly suggests holding 6, making West's only possible distribution fitting these conditions to be 6=3=2=2.
Restricted choice?
We need to know their 1 NT range. If, for example they play 14-16, then East is (10)11-13 if balanced, leaving West with 5-8. But if he is 4=4=4=1, then he can be anywhere 10-15, maybe 16 with the stiff Q. Thus we should reduce the ...
Overcalling 1NT When Holding a Good 5 Card Major
Depends upon the strengths of the 2 suits, and the strength of "tends".
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