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Ken Rhodes
Ken Rhodes
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June 15, 2011
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Bridge Player

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(1) A year (1962) of Student Union bridge at University of Maryland (2) St Louis Open Pairs w/Steve Robinson 1963
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The Villages Duplicate Bridge Club
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Outer Banks Sectional, Kill Devil Hills, NC
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The age of paranoia
Kerry--I hope my comment didn't come across as an attack on you. If it seemed that way, I apologize; that definitely wasn't my intention. Rather, I was trying to highlight the fact that we have evolved a separation of responsibilities that ought to work pretty well if everybody ...
The age of paranoia
@Kerry: I wasn't there, so I have to take the word of Roland, who posted this. Do you have some additional facts not submitted to the rest of us? Roland wrote this: the opponents called for the director. They could not account for any illegal communication in particular but ...
The Worst Convention Ever
Ed, I use an answer more specific than "standard." I say "old fashioned standard...VERY old fashioned." If the opponents want a more detailed explanation, I say "if I like my partner's lead, I smile, nod my head, and play a high card."
Guess the swing!
Strange...I don't considering passing the South hand in any of the four seats.
Guess the swing!
I'm puzzled by the conjectures about South getting clobbered in 1NT. The run of the club suit does no particular damage to South, but it crushes East. It looks like six clubs and two hearts for E-W, which is down two. But I also don't see a double ...
...not to mention, what sort of Total Tricks estimate produces that wimpy 2 bid by West? Suppose your partner might be just sticking in his "nuisance lead director" 1 bid. Don't you want to involve him in the decision next round?
The Best Convention Ever
@Peg: You might want to think of a support double in the inverse of how you characterized it here. It's not that primarily that you know your partner has three card support; rather, you know your partner does NOT have four card support. Conversely, if partner makes an immediate ...
The Worst Convention Ever
Interesting viewpoint, not shared by all. Steve Robinson, in the introduction to his book [i]Washington Standard[/i], wrote this: "If you learn only two conventions, Smith Echoes and Support Doubles, the book will be worth what you paid for it."
The Worst Convention Ever
...and I suppose the fact that Monsieur Monsour characterizes some conventions as "terrible" should settle the issue, irrespective of what some other noteworthy players believe about them.
The Worst Convention Ever
I like that description--Reverse UDCA. Make 'em stop and think! And BTW, I think there are some pretty good players who still use old-fashioned "standard carding." In fact, that's what I tell the opponents when they ask me "carding?" "OLD FASHIONED standard," with the emphasis on old fashioned.

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