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Ken Rhodes
Ken Rhodes
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June 15, 2011
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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(1) A year (1962) of Student Union bridge at University of Maryland (2) St Louis Open Pairs w/Steve Robinson 1963
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The Villages Duplicate Bridge Club
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Outer Banks Sectional, Kill Devil Hills, NC
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ATB - How did we let this through?
I'd like another voting option: o I can't figure out who to blame, but I love the story! Just think of this. There are five crucial cards for declarer--Q, K, J, A, Q. ALL FIVE lie wrong for declarer. Spades don't split. And yet, he made ...
Plan your play 15.
True--you can't correct to 6 at the end of the auction. However, change South's one major suit King to two major suit Queens and 7 does better than 6NT. ;-) In other words--what the heck kind of bidding was THAT?
ACBL announces new director of field operations
It's in the May ACBL Bulletin, in a box at the bottom of the page at the end of the In Memorium listings. (Comments about that juxtaposition will be filed for later use.)
Don't understand why Zia did that...
Thirty years ago, Terrence Reese wrote this about Zia: "Whether you play bridge in New York, London, Hong Kong, or Timbuktu, it is fairly certain that you have heard of the resourceful Pakistani, Zia Mahmood. Zia thinks of odd little plays that simply don't occur to anyone else." Thirty ...
When things don't go as planned...
The world is not a perfect place, and certainly no bidding systems or conventions are perfect. But the result was that you got to witness, and tell, a perfect story.
Yosep Hutasoit's bidding problem: 432 AQ AKJ3 AJ42
Concur. I don't want to double without hearts. I dont want to bid NT without a stopper. I can't pass. 2 looks like the least bad bid. ain't perfect.
Plan the bidding and then play.
I like 7 better than 7NT because if West has four diamonds, then addition to my other possibilities I have a peculiar kind of trump squeeze chance. Edit/update: in fact, if either hand has the Club King along with the long diamonds I can make by a criss-cross ...
Something unusual ...
What's clear is that Paul picked a good title for this post.
Who's crazy ?
On the first hand, if I wanted to get into the auction it would be for two reasons: (1) describe my hand (2) disrupt the opponents 2 does neither; 3 does both. What kind of wimp am I? Did a nine trick commitment frighten me? On the second ...
A Third Bidding Approach
You wrote "In a true three-segment system, opening bids used for minimum opening hands cannot, should not, be used for intermediate hands. They can, however, be used for maximum hands since the rebid will easily disambiguate." In a competitive auction, opponents' interference may make your clarifications less than easy.

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