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Ken Deighton
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Mathematician, systems analyst, book dealer, writer.  I live with 13,000 old books.  One day, when and if I can no longer find a partner to play with, I want to return to mathematics to develop my "Utilique Theorem".

History of British Bridge Volume I was published in June 2017

History Of British Bridge Volume II is written and should be available next year (once I find the time to complete the massive task of compiling the index).

Volume III is just an idea in my head.

United Kingdom

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c1959 at school : "Ken, we are playing Bridge upstairs, would you like to join us ?"
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I play hands immediate, without planning any play !
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"1NT 2clubs 2hearts 2NT", when first I met it, instilled a degree of wonder that's lasted ever since - the logic of conventions.
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Clash by Night
Young Chelsea, Young Chelsea, all you ever hear about these days is the Young Chelsea. It may surprise you all to know that Bournemouth was, up until the war, one, of the major centres for Bridge in the country. Who’s heard of the “Tollard Royal Bridge Club“ today. Eight ...
Is a weighted ruling ever appropriate in a claim situation?
Reminds me of this little gem by Mr. Arthur Loring Bruce (Frank Crowninshield) in his book “The Bridge Fiend, 1909”. He first related the story of an English lord, a Greek prince and two Frenchmen playing Bridge on the Riviera, I suppose in about 1905 or so. The nub of ...
Bridge not a sport for VAT purposes says EU court
The trouble is Bridge has too many experts and too many tournaments that, frankly, many "ordinary" players don't care anything about. I like what Mr. Dalton said in the introduction page to the “The Laws Of Bridge, 1907” : Bridge, on the contrary, is played by all sorts and conditions ...
What makes something a bridge brilliancy?
Thank you Richard, interesting. The beginning of the 1947 article reads : By EWART KEMPSON ENGLAND'S grand old lady of bridge is Mrs. Alice Gordon Evers, whose greatest hobby is her family. She's the only Englishwoman who has played against the Americans in this country and in America. In ...
What makes something a bridge brilliancy?
Nah "brilliance" is learned in the backstreets, not in the ballroom. Here's a little story from a hero of mine Mr. Ewart Kempson. In 1934 Mrs. Gordon Evers (that is the name by which she was universally known, never with an “Alice”) accompanied Ewart Kempson to play in the ...
Three sets of Bridge magazines for sale, each from issue 1 onward
And the best of these, IMO, is the very first. This from my copy of Auction Bridge Magazine, May 1926, Vol. 1 No. 1, John Waddington Ltd., London, 15.3x23.3 cm, 40 pages. Mr. A. E. Manning foster begins : Starting this little magazine has been to me in the ...
Systems Poll
Simple system - you bid a suit you've got cards in that suit - watch the numbers playing Bridge rocket.
opening a weak NT , edited version, jacques Faure
I haven't seen Boaz's "The Pocket guide To Bridge, 1894/5, it's so rare. I have a copy of the second edition 1899, which I suspect, is identical to the first. On page 17 he gives his hint no 6 - "Should the dealer have three aces, he ...
What "Kind" of Bridge do YOU PREFER to play?
Yes, in a way agree with Richard. 2-tables here with 8 friends, all on a hot sunny day. No internationals, but lots of chat and lots of fun. All followed by egg sandwiches, cake and champagne - ideal too. Look forward to the next.
Post 11. Captain Ewart Kempson - “The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” Monday, 18th September 2017.
Thank you all so much for contributing, I'm really grateful. So let's put some more into the pot that led me to my conclusions. i.. On Ewart Kempson's will that was "resealed" on 12th June 1967 to Jamaica, it states that his wife : "Evelyn Kempson, in the ...
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