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Ken Deighton
Ken Deighton
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Jan. 1, 2017
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about me

Mathematician, systems analyst, book dealer, writer.  I live with 13,000 old books.  One day, when and if I can no longer find a partner to play with, I want to return to mathematics to develop my "Utilique Theorem".

History of British Bridge Volume I was published in June 2017

History Of British Bridge Volume II is written and should be available next year (once I find the time to complete the massive task of compiling the index).

Volume III is just an idea in my head.

United Kingdom

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Favorite Bridge Memory
c1959 at school : "Ken, we are playing Bridge upstairs, would you like to join us ?"
Bridge Accomplishments
I play hands immediate, without planning any play !
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"1NT 2clubs 2hearts 2NT", when first I met it, instilled a degree of wonder that's lasted ever since - the logic of conventions.
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The Best Bridge Writer
When we talk about a "best Bridge book" you have to remember that the market for Bridge books today is minuscule compared to what it was before the war. Then, Bridge books sold in their thousands. I know this as do book dealers who handle used books. We see how ...
The Best Bridge Writer
There’s more to life alone on a desert island than Bridge. I think a copy of “Foster’s Complete Hoyle, 1897” would keep my mind going ok until a flag over the horizon came into view. It’s a superb reference, completely outranking Professor Hoffmann’s attempt at the ...
It might well be the way to go to save the game. Here's what Mr. S. J. Simon wrote in “Why You Lose At Bridge, 1945” : "It is considered quite ethical for declarer to take advantage of your demeanour, which makes it rather puzzling why it should be considered ...
Dealing Cards
Hello, I discuss shuffling and shuffling machines and gadgets in my book. Here's a section that I hope you will find interesting : Mr. A. E. Manning Foster had a regular column in “The Bystander”, called “Bystander Bridge”, where he often dealt with some of the more esoteric aspects of ...
Rule of 2 and 3
Judgement - yes indeed ! Mathematicians often look at a problem from the reverse. Here's an interesting viewpoint taken from a short unsigned article in the "Western Daily Press, Thursday, 27th February 1930" : BRIDGE IN BRIEF. When Not To Pre-empt. "The time not make a pre-emptive bid is when you have ...
Post 12 - Bridge Correspondents - Miss Alice Mackenzie, John Beamish, John Darrack & A. G. Figgins - Saturday, 13th January 2018
Thank you Richard. but I think you underestimate the difficulty. Yes indeed, but did she return from South Africa ? It's nearly impossible to find "hatch, match & dispatch" details for someone with a name like "Miss Alice Mackenzie" without some corroborating evidence - does the article you cite have any ? So ...
Post 12 - Bridge Correspondents - Miss Alice Mackenzie, John Beamish, John Darrack & A. G. Figgins - Saturday, 13th January 2018
p.s. I would like to emphasise that this may well not be our "A. G. Figgins", the Bridge correspondent.
Antique (?) duplicate boards
Hmm, that £100 postage, I can't really remember now but that seems a lot and It must have been somewhat less. Good night everyone.
Antique (?) duplicate boards
Ah, and I just noticed the Dutch Museum does have three British sets, two fairly modern ones dated 1970-80 but an interesting hand made set for the British Army with date 1940 to 1950 - I hope I've understood that correctly.
Antique (?) duplicate boards
ok, I just checked eBay, and there are very few vintage sets at the moment - but who knows what might turn up in time ! I'll keep looking.
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