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Karel de Raeymaeker
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July 27, 2014
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Specific Kings
Hi All Wayyy late to this, but my partner has requested we play RKC specific king showing. I'm somewhat concerned that some of the responses put us too high. If for example, trumps are diamonds, 5NT asks for your lowest specific king(s). If your only king is in ...
Richard Traxler's bidding problem: KQTxxx AQ --- AKTxx
I think this depends on system. If 2/1 I bid a simple 2C GF, agree spades next round and start cueing. Standard sayc 2NT followed by 5D exclusion seems a good way to go.
Karel de Raeymaeker's bidding problem: x Txx AQJ98xx Kx
I must admit I'm astounded at the 91% response for 3D. To me that hand is a 3D opener (ie) a pre-empt. You don't bid weak hands over weak hands because partner has then no idea what to do. South had S AQxxx H QTxx D Kxx C ...
Kevin Costello's lead problem: QT5 KT83 T3 Q642
When you lead a suit just ask yourself what do i need from partner for this to work. Firstly I rule out both majors. Leading away from a K into a strong hand through a possible 4 card holding needs at least a Q from partner to work. The spade ...
Gavin Wolpert's bidding problem: AKQJ9 Q43 85 T92
This is an old chestnut and is precisely why 2H is art and forcing. 2D is 6+D so to bid 2H to "improve" the contract is silly. Same applies to 1C 1M; 2C 2D is art F.
Jeannie Fitzgerald's bidding problem: 7 KJ8764 T AK632
Surely this is just how lucky are you feeling ? Double or 3NT may well see 5D coming back to you. 4H could be great or get murdered. Partner hasn't alot so I chicken pass
Jeannie Fitzgerald's bidding problem: KT2 J82 A432 A86
I don't see the rush to bid or distort your hand by bidding a 3 card spade suit. Rdbl means partner gets to bid again I have no preference for either black suit. Pass
Eric Sieg's bidding problem: J3 Q AT87 JT9642
I'd open 3C NV in 2nd. 11 minor cards. Partner may expect better clubs but I doubt will complain given the compensating shape.
Karel de Raeymaeker's bidding problem: K5 3 AJ8642 K982
3D is forcing and at the 3 level it's probably GF. I'd expect a bit better than what I have. ... 3D P ?? I can picture some hands partner will be stuck or bid 3NT with 1 heart stop. Slightly stronger and better D I agree 3D is the ...
Play this slam from BBO
well you either upgrade to a 1NT cos of the tens and nine or you open 1C (my preference as easier to find heart fit)
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