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Sept. 20, 2015
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Second Stayman
I've heard of a convention that seems to have the same purpose. 1NT - 3 is specifically (43)33, asking opener to name a 4-card major only if he thinks that it might be better to play in that major or to just bid 3NT if he prefers to ...
Grosvenored by a little old lady
Phil: I'm sorry, I don't understand how declarer having xx Ax Qx QJxxxxx makes it right to ruff with the 9. Isn't it already too late after the second round of spades?
Grosvenored by a little old lady
Because they religiously give count; a ruff is a ruff after all.
Playing Count as the primary signal on Partner's leads
In France, count is also very common. Although I'm far from being an expert, I switched to count-only (even while discarding and unless it's a very specific situation) a couple of years ago and the main benefit I got from this method is that it got me into ...
And he hasn’t even started speaking about Uranus yet.
What's wrong with opening 1!h?
You can also play gazzilli and this hand type would stop being a problem. After 1 - 1NT, bid 2 showing any strong hand (or natural in a minimum opening) and then jump to 3, which is 5-5 and about that strong.
Julien Christen's bidding problem: 93 A KQJT875 T42
Yes, it does, but the person that gave me this problem absolutely loves counting points...
French carding agreements
If you can read French, you can try "Le Flanc gagnant" by Michel Bessis (Thomas' father), it's very thorough. If you want a summary of this book, you can find one here: Hope it helps!
What bidding systems are most advantageous to the play?
If you want to find a system that gives the most information to your partner while concealing it to the opponents, try reading "Bridge at the Enigma Club", by Peter Winkler. While most of the ideas in this book are not really legal (and might never be), he thought a ...
Bridge online tutorials for beginners?
The French bridge federation has something on its website ( that might be what you're looking for. Sadly it is only in French...
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