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Julien Christen
Julien Christen
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Sept. 20, 2015
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about me

I'm an intermediate player, always trying to improve, but can't play enough for that...


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I'm from Switzerland, but the standard system is very similar. Basically, it's based on 5 card majors, 4432 are either opened 1 or 1 depending on your agreement, 1NT 15-17, weak twos only in the majors, 2 strong forcing for one round (could be any ...
Bridge in Switzerland
If you want to meet some good players, you should consider attending the "Trophée Pietro Bernasconi", which is some kind of a national training starting in September. You can register here : I never played in Zürich, but both Corner and Center clubs ...
3NT is available to give both natural slam tries and cuebids.
I play it as a serious slam try, but your comment makes a lot of sense... I'll try to convince my partner to play it that way!
Watching Bridge (Online)
For me, it would be clever and witty commentary, explanation and analysis of the bidding systems being used by the competitors and general bridge tactics and strategy information, which would help getting in the head of experts, to concur with Jeff Lehman!
I don't play penalty doubles over strong NT, so I would pass (hopefully) in tempo. I don't really have anything constructive to add to this discussion and I'm far from being a world-class player, but I wanted to thank you for not making it a bidding problem ...
Have you ever seen this auction before?
P - P - P - X We were beginners playing against much better and very intimidating players... My partner didn't lie, she had a good opener with 4-4 in the majors!
Ultimate Club
I'm not at all familiar with this system, but I found that: I hope that you can use it!
BBJ: Grumpy X-1NT inversion
I think that I read something similar some time ago, it was called "the overcall structure" (I'm pretty sure you can find it on google). The goal of this method is to overcall very aggressively (basically with any hand that has 6 HCP and 4 cards in a suit ...
Systems on over 2NT overcall
after a 2NT overcall, we play that every bid is a transfer and the transfer to their suit is stayman. We play the same after a 1NT overcall and so far it worked quite well.
Showing a solid major as responder
We play XYZ and in this sequence, we play that a 3M rebid after opener 1NT shows a good solid 6+ card suit, while 3M after 2, shows a worse suit, but always 6+ cards.
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