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Judy Kay-Wolff
Judy Kay-Wolff
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Basic Information

Member Since
May 30, 2011
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Dec. 11
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Bridge Player
about me

I have been playing bridge since one summer at Columbia University in 1955 where I saw four students screaming and throwing cards at each other outdoors under a beach umbrella. Intriguing! Became addicted to duplicate and play twice a week, and at local sectionals and regionals with my husband, Bobby Wolff. Stopped going to Nationals four years ago. It is cumbersome flying, expensive, uncomfortable and the general aura of the bridge world, IMHO, has changed for the worse. I suppose if Bobby was enticed by an especially good team, we would change our minds, but life in Vegas is perfect -- so why give up a great life.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
First National MIxed Pair victory in 1967 with Edgar Kaplan called The Miracle of Montreal.
Bridge Accomplishments
Teaching country club bridge 1976-83; NABC administration while living in Phillly and writing and directing two bridge shows.
Regular Bridge Partners
Formerly Barbara Brier, Norman Kay. Jane Segal, Howie Cohen and now Bobby.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Las Vegas Bridge Club
Favorite Tournaments
Nationals and Internationals from 1960-2002 (when Norman died): All current events with Bobby
Favorite Conventions
Weak No Trump (NV) and Wolff Signoff obviously
BBO Username
Judy Kay-Wolff
ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
One Law for the Rich?
Ellis, I support many of your grievances re our administration. I am not responding about any of the incidents you alluded to (although I cannot argue with your reaction)! With the exception of most recent appeal committee selections, I am opposed to many other boards and people in high positions ...
In other news...
With this latest Berlin revelation, it only confirms what I have observed for years .. some people will stop at nothing to come out on top! And, as Sam Goldwyn infers .. the beat continues!
Showing the Four of Spades
No need for an apology. Can't believe I did not pick it up on sight and immediately appreciate it!
Showing the Four of Spades
To: John Miller We have alll heard of 'Dear John' letters .. but this one is very special, indeed! I had seen your name on the BW site and when I referenced it, I found was no mention of Philly, so I abandoned the thought that you were one in the ...
Showing the Four of Spades
Sorry, John, I was half asleep when I responded. Thanks for pointing it out. NO ONE loves a play on words better than moi! However, the back and forths casting doubt on Avon's presentation and potential conclusions and accuracy have been prejudged. I have been on the scene since ...
Showing the Four of Spades
No, John, the specific one that immediately comes to mind was determined .. based on power and influence of the culprit ..... and fear of retaliation. I don't want to pre-empt Avon's efforts but the bridge world is in for an awakening.
Showing the Four of Spades
After scouring the many queries about guilt and innocence, did anyone give any thought to which parties should have the grave responsibility of deciding 'innocence' or 'guilt?' Certainly .. not a lay court or lay jury who do not have bridge expertise. That would be a laughable travesty of justice. Nobody ...
Dennis Bilde is 2017 Player of the Year
Dennis, I am proud that winning The Norman Kay Pairs helped you capture the title. And to our good friend, Boye Brogleand, your impressive second place finish only adds to your sensational efforts to clean up the game. Heartfelt Gratitude!
Showing the Four of Spades
Thank you, Richard. Your above reference to Bobby's comment of October 22, 2016 doesn't spare the horses. It gives a global view and thus says it all! The horror of cheating at bridge is not restricted to any specific nationality or culture.
Greco and Grue Win Blue Ribbon Pairs
A popular victory and deserving tributes to a well respected pair! We are so proud of you!

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