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Judy Kay-Wolff
Judy Kay-Wolff
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May 30, 2011
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7 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I have been playing bridge since one summer at Columbia University in 1955 where I saw four students screaming and throwing cards at each other outdoors under a beach umbrella. Intriguing! Became addicted to duplicate and play twice a week, and at local sectionals and regionals with my husband, Bobby Wolff. Stopped going to Nationals four years ago. It is cumbersome flying, expensive, uncomfortable and the general aura of the bridge world, IMHO, has changed for the worse. I suppose if Bobby was enticed by an especially good team, we would change our minds, but life in Vegas is perfect -- so why give up a great life.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
First National MIxed Pair victory in 1967 with Edgar Kaplan called The Miracle of Montreal.
Bridge Accomplishments
Teaching country club bridge 1976-83; NABC administration while living in Phillly and writing and directing two bridge shows.
Regular Bridge Partners
Formerly Barbara Brier, Norman Kay. Jane Segal, Howie Cohen and now Bobby.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Las Vegas Bridge Club
Favorite Tournaments
Nationals and Internationals from 1960-2002 (when Norman died): All current events with Bobby
Favorite Conventions
Weak No Trump (NV) and Wolff Signoff obviously
BBO Username
Judy Kay-Wolff
ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
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Marty: No need for a thank you. I don't mince words and it was from the heart! Cheers, Judy
Hi Aviv, I heartily agree with your comment about any reference to Marty being a 'Sponsor.' It is often a misconstrued term targeting a weak player using money to his or her advantage. Bobby and I have known Marty for years and respected both his prowess at the table and ...
ATB - grand slam fiasco from the 1971 Bermuda Bowl
The above post caught my attention as I recalled that Bobby played in the Bermuda Bowl that year. I dashed into his office and asked him if he recalled the hand (but how could one forget it?), He smiled and replied: "Yes, I was watching it at the Vu-Graph room."
Toronto NABC NEW hotel. Just $149 CDN ($111-112 US) plus taxes
Hi Jonathon, Responding to your last paragraph on April 9th, it is sad indeed .. a great understatement. The recent trend is disheartening .. especially for those of us who who would count the days and hours till the plane took off. Because of the economy and other misgivings you mentioned, traveling ...
EBL Launches Hall of Fame
Timo, I believe cultures have a huge influence on one's persuasions and I am not expressing my own views. However, a new book will soon be on the market which will provide much more documented information.
Fred Gitelman Joins The Bridge World Magazine
Do you not think the horrific state of our country and the economy accounts for the downward trend? And how about our aging membership? Both are issues to be considered. I am in no way challenging Fred's enhancement of the staff but there are obvious reasons for declining numbers ...
Fred Gitelman Joins The Bridge World Magazine
I was delighted to read the above announcement as I have known Fred Gitelman a long time. In fact, I have always claimed his contribution to the world of bridge via BBO has made positive differences in the lives of soooo many bridge players' .. young and old alike. As to ...
True North American Championships Coming
Thanks, Jim. I appreciate your answer. With all the other gibberish, it must have escaped me. Nevertheless .. shocking,to be sure! The ACBL, with so many obvious failures and continual price gouging should be tending to their own problems. So be it!
True North American Championships Coming
We are living in a changing world as witnessed by terrorism, mass murders, suicide bombings, people, and nations overstepping their bounds, etc. The universe is plagued with problems as is the U.S. However, I sympathize with the WBF as they are dealing with so many cultures which makes it ...
True North American Championships Coming
Twenty four hours have passed since I posed the above question (and since no one has stepped up to the plate), I must assume it was a three party prank but IMHO, was in very bad taste involving the World Bridge Federation. There are countless other topical issues which could ...

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