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Judy Kay-Wolff
Judy Kay-Wolff
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Basic Information

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May 30, 2011
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Feb. 20
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Bridge Player
about me

I have been playing bridge since one summer at Columbia University in 1955 where I saw four students screaming and throwing cards at each other outdoors under a beach umbrella. Intriguing! Became addicted to duplicate and play twice a week, and at local sectionals and regionals with my husband, Bobby Wolff. Stopped going to Nationals four years ago. It is cumbersome flying, expensive, uncomfortable and the general aura of the bridge world, IMHO, has changed for the worse. I suppose if Bobby was enticed by an especially good team, we would change our minds, but life in Vegas is perfect -- so why give up a great life.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
First National MIxed Pair victory in 1967 with Edgar Kaplan called The Miracle of Montreal.
Bridge Accomplishments
Teaching country club bridge 1976-83; NABC administration while living in Phillly and writing and directing two bridge shows.
Regular Bridge Partners
Formerly Barbara Brier, Norman Kay. Jane Segal, Howie Cohen and now Bobby.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Las Vegas Bridge Club
Favorite Tournaments
Nationals and Internationals from 1960-2002 (when Norman died): All current events with Bobby
Favorite Conventions
Weak No Trump (NV) and Wolff Signoff obviously
BBO Username
Judy Kay-Wolff
ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Conflict of Interest
No, Jeff. However, it has been in existence in the Bridge World ad infinitem!
The WBL, the EBL, and the ACBL -- Oh, My!
My answer of course is another NO. Our need to grasp at straws .. results in our ridiculously having to ‘eat hay.’ Cheating at Bridge is unto itself and lay people should not be steering our course.
The WBL, the EBL, and the ACBL -- Oh, My!
Barry: No one can deny Bridge is a difficult, quite unique mind game .. comparable to no other. Thus, IMHO, we should be independently operated. I don’t consider the general expertise of others outside our complicated realm of knowledge qualifies them to be making bridge decisions which may determine the ...
The WBL, the EBL, and the ACBL -- Oh, My!
Barry, I understand where you are coming from. The answer is NO because we cannot alter or amend jursprudence systems here in our country. However, it is within bridge jurisdictions to have the various organizations wake up and smell. the.roses (or the stench of them) when unqualified, non-expert, non-bridge ...
The WBL, the EBL, and the ACBL -- Oh, My!
Hi Melanie, I have no clue regarding authority. However, being in the bridge arena for over six decades, I feel it is absurd to delegate any non-expert bridge playing authorities to pass down a decision in areas where they are not only not well versed .. but not the least bit ...
Bridge Players on TV Game Shows
Thanks for your unique subject matter, Steve! They were indeed the TV epics of yesteryear. I recall our family gathering around our living room set .. awaiting each program. It was an addiction. A far cry from what we see today! Through my late husband Norman Kay, I got to know ...
Michael Seamon Junior USBC Begins Today
A bit off point .. but I was delighted to see the late Michael Seamon honored in such a marvelous manner among the Juniors. I knew him as a young lad who was such a credit to game. Sad he passed on long before his time. I knew his lovely parents ...
Active Un-ethics ??
Shirley: My favorite soap!
Showing the Ace of Spades
Hi Gary: You have become an admired Bridge Humanitarian! Your assessment of bridge history beyond a shadow of a doubt is RIGHT ON! To post merely a "Like" would be a gross underbid,
An unusual outcome
Bridge may be frustrating and aggravating at times, but it surely enhances your sense of humor. Once you lose that, you may as well throw in the proverbial towel (and your convention card as well)!

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