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April 19, 2017
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NABC Individual: Do Robots Dream of Endplay?
I may be misreading your tone as this is certainly interesting as a hypothetical, but it doesn’t seem too reasonable to me to play for a layout this specific when it also requires a misdefense (by both opponents!). The position is nearly fully known to both opposing bots by ...
Dick Vatter's bidding problem: K8 KJ8754 5 AK63
Depends on style I guess. I wouldn’t want to completely shut down partner with the hand I gave. Yes, I have wastage but the K might provide a useful pitch. It is certainly possible to have a much worse hand opposite shortness in this auction. Say xx Qxxx ...
Dick Vatter's bidding problem: K8 KJ8754 5 AK63
QJx Qxxx AKxx Qx. Sure, it’s unlikely, but when all we need to know are keycards why not ask and rule this hand out? It doesn’t seem to cost anything.
Richard Granville's bidding problem: AK83 Q64 AKJ75 A
I wouldn’t expect 2 to promise a fit for diamonds. For me, it just looks like, I have a total powerhouse (probably would have opened 2 or equivalent with no action ahead of me). Therefore, we have to show support now with 3. Partner should ...
One board - two decks
Well to be fair, this (while surprising and certainly not ideal) isn’t really a major problem in a normal duplicate game since you’re only going to play with that deck of cards once in a session. Unless someone somehow had prior knowledge of which card had different backing ...
Board 16 from the 02/05/2018 Common Game
If setting up clubs is right, it seems as though you may have just killed an important tempo by cashing the A. Picture parter with J9x(x) and the K (could partner have that much?), and the defense might have a chance for 2 clubs, a spade, and 2 diamonds ...
Board 11 from the 02/05/2018 Common Game
Having already bid 2N, it doesn’t seem to me that E has any extra offense in context and does not have a fit for partner’s secondary suit. So if it’s a forcing pass, it seems like E has responsibility to X.
Josh Mullins's bidding problem: AKQJxx Ax AQxx A
I probably should have stated in the conditions that even though we are more sound in terms of suit quality in 2nd seat, 6 card suit is still very possible. Further, we don’t have a kickback style keycard ask in the minors. This is probably a methods problem that ...
What should I do when partner tanks
Yeah this is a very reasonable approach. I do this when declaring as well but maybe not as much as I should when defending. I do think it’s a bit of an oversimplification to think we can figure out the whole hand at trick 1 and not have to ...
What should I do when partner tanks
I agree the tells are overrated in poker. I’m definitely a mathematical player too. I don’t spend too much time looking for tells in bridge, but a lot of people aren’t trying very hard to conceal them. That’s really my point. For me, timing is the ...
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