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Josh Mullins
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ATB - Missed Slam
Yes, I am curious on this also as Michael R. and Michael H. have seemingly made conflicting assumptions here. I find it easy to imagine a minimum spade opener with heart shortness opposite a minimum 2 responder with spade shortness where there is no safety even at the 3 ...
ATB - Missed Slam
My only trouble with the 1st paragraph is that I would tend to think that 2 is limiting after 1 - (2) - 2 - (P). It would certainly still be unlimited without the diamond overcall. Perhaps, this is a bad treatment, but we play 2 here as ...
ATB - Missed Slam
Yeah this was our problem. Even if we knew of the hearts, there aren't enough of them to pitch two club losers AND a diamond loser. Both the diamond A and the club K can be assumed offside (at the table they were). So the diamond Q becomes critical ...
ATB - Missed Slam
The above was basically our conclusion in the post mortem as well. Jay correctly surmised that both of us were worried about wasted diamond values and the K being under the marked A. Beyond just moving the K from hearts to clubs, it is plausible that we might have this ...
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