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Responsive Doubles - What is "standard"?
Sorry that I missed the recent post about this. Thanks for the link.
I Need Help With 1NT Openings
And then with 5=5=2=1, no game interest, partner prefers . Of course, you play reverse Flannery, so no problem.
I Need Help With 1NT Openings
Thanks, Michael. You summarized the choices well. (I might consider opening 1 even in 2/1.) I think that without the ACBL rule disallowing 1NT with a small singleton, I would consider that bid. Would some players consider that the least of the imperfect choices?
I Need Help With 1NT Openings
The problem hand IMO is 1=4=3=5 15 HCP, playing 5-card majors, 1NT 14-16 or 15-17. For example, x-AQxx-AKx-Qxxxx. What do you bid after 1-1? Even if you upgrade the stiff to the J, you still are not allowed to open 1NT. Any suggestions?
I forgot. Is there any chance to recover?
On this hand, s are 2-2 Qx behind KJ, A is onside, and s behave, so 6 makes.
What should E play after partner leads AC and why
When we played this hand, my partner led the K (our usual agreement is A from AK). I played the J, and she switched to 2. I won the Q but didn't catch the alarm clock (no excuse) and returned a , so 4 made 5.
Refresher help in fundamental principles
Being in a 6-1 fit is not a bad day. Being in a 5-1 fit is a bad day. With a weak hand it is often right to bid 2. If opener has 3, great. Otherwise, your long may take tricks in 2 but not in ...
Bridge Players and the movie world
I haven't seen Peter Schneider mentioned. Disney vice president. Bridge world champion -- 2005 Transnational Teams.
What does 3 diamonds tell you?
Sounds like a splinter to me. 2 gives room for partner to show a stopper. Your partner should have opened 2NT (and gone down 2) like I did.
Swiss teams - with hand records, bridgemates and less waiting time - it IS possible!
Of course, the 3rd place team would not appreciate being unable to move up in the last match. Since the first place team had a significant lead after five matches, a match between the 2nd & 3rd place teams (who hadn't played each other) would have been more interesting and ...

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