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Jordan Lampe
Jordan Lampe
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June 17, 2015
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about me

Random brige player in New York City.  If you like backgammon, check out my site:

United States of America

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What's your plan for bidding this hand?
Interesting. Looks like we should subtract a point for the stiff honor.
What's your plan for bidding this hand?
Do the results change if you change the stiff to a small doubleton and move the Q elsewhere? Make the hearts AKx for example?
What's your plan for bidding this hand?
Some people seem to think 1NT must absolutely promise 2 cards in every suit ... and other people think 1NT is a fine way to solve problem hands such as this one. I admit I don't understand the arguments either way.
First three classes
In my experience, there are two things that that frightens off new people. First, is that there are all these RULES to follow. You have to have 12 points to do this and 6 points to do that but that's a 2/1 bid and that's a response ...
An Unusual Big Club System
Off the cuff, the 2m openers seem okay, but the 1 opener looks like trouble. You say "Responder makes a 'standard rebid' without a 5 card major. Okay, so I have 10 HCP and 4351 shape. What do I bid over 1? ... 1NT? 2? How does that ...
James Huntington's bidding problem: T853 A984 A76 KT
At IMPs the upside of acting isn't big enough to risk an accident with this level of partnership agreements.
Advancing Overcall with Fitting and Non-Fitting Hands
Doesn't this mean you have to give up the OP's 2NT showing a 4 piece limit raise?
ATB: Languishing in no man's land
Sounds like we need an article explaining Relay Doubles!
Dominic Cooke's bidding problem: AKJ84 K653 Q3 95
Isn't that ... what I have?
Dominic Cooke's bidding problem: AKJ84 K653 Q3 95
What would 2NT the previous round have shown?

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