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Jordan Lampe
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June 17, 2015
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about me

Random brige player in New York City.  If you like backgammon, check out my site:

United States of America

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Is there a Standard Meaning for this X?
My rule is that if we've bid a natural NT on the 2nd or later call, then all doubles are for penalty. Maybe not optimal, but at least I'll know what it means if this auction ever comes up.
AI and Bridge
All the double-dummy solvers basically use an alpha-beta min-max approach.
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: A9532 A98 A4 A54
There was no alert, so we presume it has the standard meaning, just like at the bridge table.
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: A9532 A98 A4 A54
Gregory, doesn't that agreement end up wrong-siding 3NT?
Smith Echo Situation
If I Smith from an original KJx and Partner "will play the Queen next", then won't that block the suit?
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: A9532 A98 A4 A54
Why can't you start 2, and if you get 3 back, go to 3NT suggesting that spades may not be the best spot?
Lose Final B to Garomov with me
What is a "long trail bid" (the 3 bid in the declarer play diagram on page 4)?
Bot Forum: Are Bots too Human?
Right, LHO believes declarer has 15-17, and if Pard has the A then declarer must have the J so leading a spade just sets up two tricks for declarer.
How would you bid these hands.
Qx is a pretty good holding opposite a partner who has a lot of spades and slam interest.
Jordan Lampe's bidding problem: K942 75 K3 AK742
No, South had a very light 55 minors hand (-/xxx/AQJxx/JT9xx if I recall correctly) which overcalled 2NT at the other table and got NS to 5 making +640 (vs our -140 for defending 3), when the opponents didn't cash their two heart winners in time ...

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