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Jonathan Cohn
Jonathan Cohn
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Jan. 31, 2011
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3 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I live in Omaha. Nebraska and enjoy playing bridge.  When I'm not at the table, I like playing games with my son and daughter who are 6 and 5.

United States of America

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The House of Cards and The Omaha Bridge Studio
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Silver Life Master
Cohn - Clements
[BIG] Precision with transfer positives [/BIG]
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Jonathan and Billy
2 over 1
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Cohn - Reetz 2/1
[big]2 over 1[big]
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Larry Cohen 2/1
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Balanced Hands Defend?
Always risky to criticize another man's sample size.
Recommendations to the ACBL re Zero Tolerance
Several times a tournament I move for the next round and say hello to the opponents. They ignore me completely and chat with partner. I greet them again and ask where they are from. I am often ignored again. Sometimes at this point I become really friendly and keep talking ...
Paying Double!
I thought it was prohibited in the ACBL to be entered in two events at once. Was I mistaken?
Rich Newell's bidding problem: AQ83 J2 KT AK942
I have heard many play the jump to 3NT as 15+ to 17 and they bid 2nt with 11-14 or 18-19 planning to bid 4NT over 3NT with the bigger balanced hand.
Hotel room in Atlanta
Web Movement?
Ed, a normal Web Movement is still a two winner movement. NS have a winner and EW have a winner. So the payouts don't change vs your standard Mitchell. Some above arrow switch to make it a one winner movement.
Rich Newell's bidding problem: QT864 7432 J852 ---
I hope partner isn't 3-3-2-5.
Jonathan Cohn's bidding problem: AKT75 AQ875 AQJ ---
I posted this problem because I think it is difficult for the strong hand to bid 7. If we cue 4 partner will bid 5 and I assume we then cue either 5 or 6. Should partner know to go holding xx, kxxx, kxxxx, xx?
David Libchaber's bidding problem: AQJT9 A6 KQ2 AQJ
If its not forcing then doesn't 3NT have to show something like 6-10? If so, doesn't 4NT make sense?
David Libchaber's bidding problem: AQJT9 A6 KQ2 AQJ
What is the range of the 3NT bidders hand? Assuming 3 is forcing would 4NT have been quantitative by responder? Can responder have 0-9 here? 0-10? I don't think all of this is 100% clear to me, a non-expert. I do know that I likely have an ace ...

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