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Jonathan Cohn
Jonathan Cohn
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Jan. 31, 2011
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April 20
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Bridge Player
about me

I live in Omaha. Nebraska and enjoy playing bridge.  When I'm not at the table, I like playing games with my son and daughter who are 6 and 5.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Member of Bridge Club(s)
The House of Cards and The Omaha Bridge Studio
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Cohn - Clements
[BIG] Precision with artificial positives [/BIG]
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Jonathan and Billy
2 over 1
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Cohn - Reetz 2/1
[big]2 over 1[big]
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LC ABC Cohn-Campbell
Larry Cohen 2/1
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Not Losing Money on NABCs
The ACBL could target players who play regularly in non-NABC games with some kind of a coupon for a discounted entry at the NABC. No need to target Michael Bodell or Jonathan Cohn, but aiming to bring in Joe Club and Mary Sectional who haven't attended an NABC seems ...
New bridge software: Complete Bridge Database
I have been using this software and it is impressive. The finished product is much more polished than I expected and the front end that allows searching the database is well done. For searches of specific auctions by partnership it is very fast. A search for all 1C-1D-1H auctions by ...
Gold Rush
Perspective is important. The best players at the clubs I attend are not very competitive in open NABC events.
Richard Lawson's bidding problem: AJT8542 A J AK42
I immediately grab for rho's convention card and and simultaneously ask in disgust if they are playing 4-card majors. Whatever they say, I pass irritably. Partner should understand I have decent spades if I bid them later, or if partner has a close call on whether to double back ...
Bbo match 18 boards @ 8 central
We had four decent pairs for the team match. Everyone was playing a different system. 2/1, Montreal Relay with weak Nt's, Precision, and a big club based relay system with weak nt's. PM me if you and a partner would be interested in playing in the future ...
Does a "Hand Generator" exist that .......
You might also consider the "wheelerdealer". It lets you make constraints and if you and partner use the same settings and the same seed (one partners birthdate or something easy to remember) it will give you the same hands. I like the format better than plabridge. Check it out at ...
Robert Thorstad's bidding problem: J965 A72 JT6 Q97
A lot for me depends on if we upgrade some 14's. If we do, I think its an easy pass. Those jacks aren't pulling their weight.
Bridge Hand Database Sofware
Sorry, an overbid by me. I just spot checked and must have hit too many positives. For my purposes I only want "modern" deals anyway, so I'm not too worried about what is missing.
Bridge Hand Database Sofware
It looks like between the following two sites they have almost all the Bermuda Bowl Finals. The Vanderbilt and Spingold Finals are available from 1996 or so onward. Earlier rounds of the Spinderbilt are now often archived as well. ...
Bridge Hand Database Sofware
Does it allow searching by auction and player name? What is the process like to import the .lin files? Is there a front end for the database queries? Where can I buy? :)

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