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Sept. 6, 2010
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Aug. 20
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Living in Melbourne Fl

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Iris' kitchen
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Norm Rubin, Al Stauber, Ed Spear, Joan Gerard (rip)
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Saratoga Regional (when I lived in NYS)
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2/1 NV preempts are undisciplined
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Linda James
...................................................2/1 GF
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Sorry. Another question about a bad claim.
I said at some point during this thread that I was not at the table and my OP was based on information from other people.
Jon Green's bidding problem: K97 K8765432 8 Q
Well, if you think 3 is disgusting: On Kibitz the Pros Dan Korbel and Sylvia Shi play some of the Common Game hands vs Dave Berkowitz and Gary Cohler. They each record a video of their thought process on the hands. You can access them at ...
Sorry. Another question about a bad claim.
Michael, that's my error. I misdescribed the play. He did pitch 2 diamonds and no clubs from dummy and tried to claim 10 tricks. I was mostly concerned with whether he should be allowed to notice that the club jack didn't fall and make 9 tricks or be ...
Sorry. Another question about a bad claim.
True. Actually I think I may have misstated the play and he really stiffed the queen of diamonds rather than pitching a club from dummy. But he could indeed have lost a diamond as well as the hearts and club. I wasn't at the table but heard afterward what ...
Sorry. Another question about a bad claim.
Declarer has 9 tricks now but if he tries to cash the club queen and 10 before all the spades and diamonds the opponents could then cash 2 hearts for down 1
Sorry. Another question about a bad claim.
They've already taken 2 - the club king and diamond ace, John.
NABC Robot Individual - How do I practice for this?
I can't tell you how to practice Richard, but you can prepare for the sessions by taking a large dose of anti-anxiety medicine an hour before you play.
What's the best matchpoint line? Common game board 24 from 6/25.
I noticed that I had omitted the passes late in the process and I couldn't figure out how to edit my hand diagram without redoing the whole thing, so I just added a line to my text.
Simple question - What honor is "standard"?
To me 0 or 2 means we play the card we would have led if playing coded 9's, 10's and J's. So 10 will be 109x, KJ10 or AJ10. Jack will be J10x. 0 or 2 higher, not 0 or 2 touching cards. Jack not 9 from ...
What's the best matchpoint line? Common game board 24 from 6/25.
My thought was ace at trick 2 and low club at trick 3. If we can reach dummy we will make at least 9 tricks. LHO might even duck with Qxx of clubs worrying that his partner might have Kx.

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