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Nov. 25, 2016
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Peter Hasenson's lead problem: T652 KQ9 KT2 854
Let's go for the trick one Merrimac coup.
Bidding over vulnerable preempt.
Wasn't sure I could give multiple versions of double. I wanted split out x intending to pass and x intending to move. What does "flagged" mean?
Bidding over vulnerable preempt.
Maybe - I wasn't told the pips.
Bidding over vulnerable preempt.
Double dummy sim dangerous here; the play may be quite complicated, and declarer will benefit more than the defense from knowing the layout. If we X and hear 4C I guess 5C is percentage. If we hear 4D, we cue and get to slam opposite 2 KQxxx in Ds and ...
Bidding over vulnerable preempt.
So this implies X and move over 4H is the long run winner when partner has 4H. After 4m, we'll wish we'd passed, as 5m is going off a decent amount, but we might bid some good diamond slams after 4D4S. Once you factor in that on this ...
Bidding over vulnerable preempt.
Lighter X - pull to 7N
Bidding over vulnerable preempt.
I get your logic. Did you factor in the possibility of a reopening X after pass? Secondly, if we are always moving, can we assess based on 5H opposite no keycard X and 6H opposite 1?
Bidding over vulnerable preempt.
Partner held X KJxx KQxxxx xx. At one table it was opened and 7H was bid. At the other (3S) 3N all pass. The pre-emptor was 7105 and was going 3 off.
Bidding over vulnerable preempt.
Thanks everyone - mind you I missed a trick because I wanted the two options in X. I bet if I'd posted with open options, we'd have had fewer passes! It's more attractive to pass if you think of it:)
Bidding over vulnerable preempt.
It's crazy over red suits. I used to play pp3c X as pen/3D as t/o , but only against players on "the list".
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